State of FORCECOM November 2012

State of FORCECOM November 2012

Greetings Marines,

I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving and if you decided to brave
the black Friday shopping you managed to escape with some good

I was reminded on Wednesday how fragile life is when I found out that
a good friend of mine had passed on, it was a surprise as he was
younger than me we had lost touch and recently we reconnected and we
were looking forward to some fun and fellowship in the following
months, Rest in Peace Ike, you have earned it

At this time of the year, one of the activities chosen by the
commandant for the commandants challenge takes place and that is
participating with Toys for Tots

To participate you just need to collect new, unwrapped toys and drop
them off at an official toys for tots collection point you can find
this information at the official website

To be eligible for the SFMC award you need to do the following
The consideration period runs from 1 Jan. 2012 to 31 Jan 2013 for this
cycle only. Information needs to be to FORCECOM no later than the
February 2013 reporting cycle when data collection for the 2012 ‘year’
is completed.

Entries received after that date _will not_ be considered for the 2012 awards.

OICs will need to provide the following information in your reports up
the Chain of Command.

Name, Rank, SCC#, unit & activity: date of activity and what was actually done.
Like any SFMC service award, it’s the physical support given in
volunteering time to the project that counts. Simply giving cash or
donating items does not count for purposes of this award. You can’t
simply write a check. You can’t simply pick up one more toy during
your holiday shopping and drop it into the collection box on the way
out of the store. You must be physically involved in the activity for
a minimum of 4 hours to be recognized.

Bottom line: any notation that reads along the lines of ‘The unit did
stuff for Toys for Tots’ will simply be rejected. FORCECOM will not
spend days and weeks back tracking incomplete submissions as we have
done for the past two years. It is the responsibility of the OICs to
make sure all the required information is provided.

Details, folks. We need the details.

Also if you were a Marine during 2002 and 2003 and you do not have the
SFMC Anniversary ribbon and you can prove you were a marine during
that time by having a sfmc award issued in the database or you have a
copy of a unit, battalion or brigade report or you were mentioned as a
marine in the cq, please let your brigade OIC know as the deadline to
get the 20th anniversary award is 31st of December 2012

All members who are marines in 2012-2013 will have 30th anniversary award
If you have been a marine for more than 3 years and you have not
applied for your Marine Good Conduct award you can apply for that as
well, but you can only apply for the award for the current 3 years so
if you have been a marine since Oct 17 2000 and you suddenly realized
that you are due 3 good conduct awards I am sorry to tell you that you
are too late you will only receive the one for Oct 17 2009 thru Oct 17

This means you have to take responsibility for applying for award.

Well until next time

John Kiwi Kane
Master Gunnery Sergeant, SFMC
Commanding Officer, Forces Command
STARFLEET Marine Corps