State of the SFMC November 2012

State of the SFMC November 2012

Greetings to all Marines

With but only several weeks before we hit the end of 2012, and with the Festive Season rushing at us all at warp speed, it is timely for us to gather our resources as we look towards that time of year when we traditionally begin to think of others than ourselves.

The 2012 Commandant’s Campaign is also coming to an end, and yet it is probably the most active period for those participating because of the Christmas Season. It is therefore a good time for a reminder that to qualify, you must participate (simply giving money does not qualify) in one of the outlined activities –
* Toys For Tots (or equivalent program in other countries)
* Directly raising funds or participating in fund raising programs for Special Olympics

If you or other members of your Brigade or Unit are thinking of participating, then this is the time to get started. Don’t delay as the next few weeks will pass in a blur. Remember also, that you must make sure your Unit OIC reports your involvement and what you have done in the bi-monthly report that passes up the line to ForceCom. This must be included at the very latest, within the February 2013 cycle as any reports received after that time will mean you cannot be awarded for the 2012 Campaign

But this “time of giving” does not always have to be about awards and recognition. The end of any year can be a hard and difficult time for many people – especially those who are alone in this world or who have little in terms of finance or health.
As Marines, we should consider of giving of our ourselves – our own time, energy, support or whatever it may be – that will help those in need and who are worse off then ourselves
It is a great time for us to reach out and to lend a hand in whatever way we can, not necessarily for a ribbon or an award, but for the simple reason that as members of the SFMC, we are well known for our acts of generosity, kindness and good community spirit.

And in speaking of awards, the recent Superstorm Sandy has been and gone and bought with it mass destruction and heartbreak. Again, I am equally confident that many of our Marines will have been involved, or will become involved, in efforts to directly provide assistance and activities that will lead to supporting the many victims in their local communities.
Be reminded that such activity is not only worthy of our recognition but that we would also like to hear and to publicize any such good work.
Your stories and records of community spirit cannot come at any better time than right now so please make sure you share these with us where and when possible.

The newly revised website has been commissioned and is up and running. Likely it will need a “settling in” period, but as soon as the bugs have been ironed out i am sure the team at InfoCom will breathe a sigh of relief and we can look forward to an updated system of communication being available. With the new STARFLEET database also soon to be launched upon us, we are looking forward to continually expanding and developing these resources so as to provide an even better service to Marines.

On a final note to this brief report, I want to once again remind you all of the need for your input , comments and ideas. The SFMC can only continue to grow and expand while we have the direct participation, communication and involvement from our Marines.
The members of the General Staff and their staffs put in lots of hours on your behalf but we do need inspiration, input, intelligent criticism and even the wildest of ideas. This is YOUR Corps and it needs your involvement, so please do not ever hesitate to drop a line to any of us on the General Staff. We are here to serve your needs and we honestly welcome your input.

Bruce O’Brien
Brigadier General, SFMC
Commandant, STARFLEET Marine Corps