State of FINCOM April 2013

State of FINCOM April 2013

Bank of America SFMC Checking Account

Opening Balance 4/1/2013 $5,326.54


4/29/13 – Transfer from PayPal $351.78


4/4/13 – USPS ($6.21)

4/8/13 – PinPros ($1,200.00)

4/16/13 – USPS ($6.00)

4/18/13 – Walmart ($8.50)

4/19/13 – USPS ($56.19)

4/22/13 – USPS ($0.66)

4/26/13 – PinPros ($377.00)

Net Change in Checking Account ($1,302.78)

Ending Balance 4/29/2013 $4,023.76

Bank of America SFMC Scholarship Account

Opening Balance 4/1/2013 $2,727.84





Net Change in Scholarship Account $0.00

Ending Balance 4/29/2013 $2,727.84

State of FORCECOM 2013 April 2013

State of FORCECOM 2013 April 2013

by Jari ‘Gato’ James, COFORCECOM (acting)

Geetings, Marines.

This is just a brief ‘touch base’ in regards to Forces Command.

With the stepping down of MGSGT John ‘Kiwi’ Kane as COFORCECOM I have been asked to ‘hold down the Fort’ here at FORCECOM in an acting capacity until such time as a new Commanding Officer has been chosen.

I want to thank ‘Gunny Kiwi’ for his years of hard work for the Marines and the Corps, both in various SFMC command positions and as my ‘Boss’. He has chosen, and rightly so, to concentrate on his Real World activities of school and family for awhile because at the end of the day, this is a hobby and doesn’t help put food on the table or a roof over one’s head. I wish him all the best of luck in these endeavours and want to publicly thank him for taking the risk of bring on an ‘unknown’ as his DCO two plus years ago. I’ve learned a lot and know I will continue to learn as the years go by.

The application process is open for anyone who wishes to apply for the position of COFORCECOM. The requirements were posted to the SFMC-L list on 19 APR 2013. Applications are to be sent to the Commandant/SFMC BGN Bruce OBrian [E-Mail: ] and need to be to him No Later Then midnight, 19 May, 2013.

I am honored and proud to be the SFMC Deputy Commanding Officer for Forces Command. I will continue to support the Marines under my command to the utmost my my abilities. If you ever have any questions or have a need, please know that my ‘door’ is always open.

Stand easy, Marines.