State of INFOCOM April 2014

State of INFOCOM April 2014

Greetings Marines,

As you may have read over the past couple of weeks companies have been scrambling to patch the heartbleed vulnerability on their computer systems.  Basically if a system uses certain versions of openssl to secure the internet connection between the server and your computer a hacker could gain access to the server and even though your connection was encrypted (https) they could see your passwords.  IT professionals have spent many long hours checking and double checking all their IT systems to make sure they are secure and up to date.  Luckily, all of the systems I’m responsible for are secure and weren’t affected by the openssl issue.

If you do any online banking or anything else that uses a secure connection (https) by now you should have received notification that your account wasn’t affected or they have fixed any issues and you need to change your password.  If you haven’t received anything, check the company’s website or contact their support team and ask if they had any issues and if so have problems been fixed.  If they haven’t fixed the problem yet, ask them when they project the problem will be fixed.  I would suggest not using their website until it is fixed because now that the word is out about the problem more and more hackers will be trying to exploit the issue before the companies can fix the problems.

I’m going to extend the deadline until May 31st for the staff position of editor attention on deck/ attention on deck extra. Here once again are the following requirements for the position.

Candidates for the position of ADOE Editor should meet the following criteria:

(1) Have passed OTS (OCC is recommended);

(2) Have passed PD-100 and PD-201 from the SFMCA; and

(3) Be a member of STARFLEET in good standing.

If you wish to apply for the editor position please send me your information and experience to

This is usually the section where I put the pingdom info.  I usually don’t get the report for the current month until the last day of the month, so starting in next month’s report, I will be putting the previous month’s stats in the report.

Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Brigadier General, SFMC
Team Delta

State of FORCECOM April 2014

State of FORCECOM April 2014

Good Day, Marines.

First off I’d like to welcome MGN Edward Tunis III to the FORCECOM family.  He is stepping into the 3BDE OIC slot.  As always, my thanks to those who volunteered for this position. People willing to give of their time are what keep this organization running.

Now on to some points I’d like to make this month.

** Three simple rules to enact change in the SFMC.

Rule One:

If it’s not written down, it doesn’t count.  It’s not the responsibility of FORCECOM or you BDE OIC to have to dig or badger to get the information out of you. If you and your unit did something spiffy, note it in your report. My abilities as a mind reader  or precog have been greatly exaggerated.

Rule Two:

Please don’t wait until the last moment and expect things to happen on your time.  We all have regular lives along with the time we spend with the SFMC and have to budget our lives. Remember the 5P’s: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance [I’m using the shorter polite version].  If it’s an honest mistake and time critical, just let us know and we’ll work with you. But don’t go all ‘AARRRR! I’m gonna eat your face!’ on us if you forgot to bring up something that should have been done three weeks ago, but is now due this Saturday.

Rule Three:

If you ‘did’ bring it to someone’s attention and so far nothing has happened, double check with the first  person you sent it to.  Sometimes stuff happens. The Internet eats emails.  And provider may block a particular service from time to time. Please give folks the benefit of the doubt. Don’t go postal on the individual. Don’t go postal on an email list about the situation.  Don’t go over the individual’s head and come to me going postal or badmouth them to me.  None of these are wining propositions.

** Reporting: Reporting date for Units is the first day of every reporting month [February, April, June, August, October, December].  If you need an exception of a day or so, contact your Brigade OIC in advance and get approval.  And remember, this grace period ‘is’ an exception.  It should not be the rule.  From the date you submit your Unit report, you know you have another one due in 60 days.  Don’t wait until the last moment.

This is not rocket science folks.  Late reporting or failure to report at all not only deprives your Unit the opportunity to earn it’s ‘REPORTING’ streamer for that year; depending on how much of a situation it has been it may put the continued existence of the unit in jeopardy.

So please remember, reporting does not just affect the individual Reporting Officer or NCO, it affects everyone in the Unit, Battalion and Brigade.

** As usual, this is your reminder to double check your personal data, course listing and awards records on the database.  With various Musters and IC coming up it’s always good to know that things are up to date.

The Database Management and CompOps teams are putting champion work and a lot of long hours fine tuning the code for the database.  Sometimes one simple change will make things go cranky for a bit. If, for any reason, your personal data or award listings don’t look quite right, please contact your Brigade OIC [with a cc to FORCECOM] as soon as possible.  We may have to dig a bit to get things sorted out so remember ‘Rule Two’ from above.

To close, as always, remember if you’ve got questions, remember to use your chain of command. Everyone from your Unit OIC up to the members of the General Staff are here to help you. Just run your thoughts and concerns up the chain and we’ll help you out.

Stand Easy, Marines.


BDR Jari “Gato” James



State of FINCOM April 2014

State of FINCOM April 2014



From Linda,

As of this writing, the quartermaster PayPal function is still not working.  I am accepting quartermaster orders and processing them thru the STARFLEET PayPal account.  I have transferred $101.25 for two orders that were received earlier this month and will be transferring more as soon as the statements are available and I can compile the total received for SFMC orders.  This should be in the area of $160.55 less the PayPal fees.

Checking account balance (Beginning March) – $4603.33
PayPal transfer – $261.80

Debits in the amount of $39.60
USPS – $39.60 (quartermaster postage)
Merchandise total – $316.95
Postage collected – $30.85
PayPal fees  – $8.98
Actual postage – $34.42

Closing balance (End of March) – $4763.88

Scholarship current balance $2728.81

As stated above, the PayPal part of the Quartermaster website is still not working.  The COINFOCOM is waiting for the PayPal account API signature ID and password.  Once he gets that, he should be able to get the PayPal part working.

As stated previously, the only SFMC Quartermaster items that cannot be purchased and have been removed from the Quartermaster site is the shoulder patch and the SFMC flag.  These will have to be replaced.  All other items including Branch devices, etc. can be purchased and worn on current uniforms.  These devices will be “Grandfathered” in and may still be worn even if we replace these devices later.  Please buy from our Quartermaster repeatedly and often.

I will be posting for a DCO of FINCOM later this week or the first of next week.  When Patrick was COFINCOM he posted for a DCO and nobody responded.  He later posted again and since I was the only one that responded, I got the job.  I will be using the SFMC requirements and a couple of my personal requirements.  Please get those resumes ready.  As DCO of FINCOM you will be granted access to the SFMC staff email posts.  As with any General Staff DCO you will prohibited from posting directly to the General Staff list.  Any comments posted by you as a DCO will have to be approved by the staff moderator before it can be posted to the General Staff list.  You can either email directly to me if you have comments.  You will also be charged with assisting the CO in overseeing all operations of the Command and will be ultimately responsible for all Command duties and responsibilities. You must be ready to take over the duties of COFINCOM as needed or on an interim basis in the event that COFINCOM is unavailable to perform their duties as required.


With the advent of online banking and online line banking using smart phones/tablets, the protection of your password is a crucial item.  As with your credit report, you need to check your online banking accounts at least once a week.  You need to change your password at least every 30 to 60 days.  If unauthorized access is gained to your banking information, account numbers, bill payees and accounts balances can be seen.  I can assure you that if access to this information is gained, you will be in a world of trouble trying to fix this intrusion.

Only use ATM machines that are associated with your bank or some other well recognized banking institution.  Several years ago when ATM’s were becoming popular, two guys approached a mall manager and stated that they wanted to install an experimental ATM to test its functionality.  The manager agreed and the guys set the ATM up with all of the bells and whistles.  Problem was every time someone tried to use the machine, the ATM gave the same message, “This transaction cannot be completed”.  After numerous complaints, the two guys came back and picked up the ATM, which had recorded the bank card number and pin of everyone who had tried to use the ATM on a hard drive.  You can use the ATM at the mall which is free standing beside a wall or roof support or you can use the ATM that is built into the wall of your bank.  I will let you decide which is better.  Enough said.

Everyone please have a Happy Easter weekend.

BGEN Barry Jackson


State of the SFMC April 2014

State of the SFMC April 2014


Its April and, hopefully, you’ve survived the winter comfortably. Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope that your Winter is much milder than ours was.

Let’s get down to business…

As you all know, the best part of being Commandant of the Corps is the opportunity to recognize deserving Marines. This month I get to recognize quite a number of you as I am including in this report the presentation of the Commandant’s Campaign Ribbon for actions in calendar year 2013. Before we start that list, however, I have one other award to issue.

Major Leo Brunelle of the 377^th Marine Strike Group, front and center!!

Major Brunelle, for your volunteer service with the Country Fire Authority Fire Service in New South Wales, Australia, as a firefighter during the Brush Fire Season, you are hereby awarded the Disaster Relief Ribbon.

Congratulations and well done, Major!!


Now for the Commandant’s Campaign Awards. The recipients list (alphabetically, by Brigade) follows:


First Brigade:

Dyl, Paul (22241)

Dyl, Paul G (67307)

Phillips, Sam (67808)


Second Brigade:

Anderson, Mark (61429)

Cozine, Jim (33219)

Lewis, Angela (65107)

Olson, Heather (55977)

Olson, Ken (52564)

Olson, Linda (30869)

Olson, Lindsey (55976)

Olson, Wade (31632)

Reed, James (51301)

Savander, Dixie (63098)

Savander, Oliver Sr (63097)


Fourth Brigade:

Monroe, James W (49827)

Monroe, William J (53093)


Fifth Brigade:

Baxter, Bobbie (66454)

Baxter, Pat (66453)

Bumpaous, Daniel (71597)

Burlew, Juanita (65051)

Camille, Garrett (61828)

David, Garrett (66874)

Eizenberg, Steve (60664)

Emery, Jason (70800)

Erik, Stringer-Lund (67209)

Ervans, Rick (56242)

Frennon, Digi (70063)

Gaines, John (68031)

Garrison, Arlene (60455)

Garrison, Russ (56108)

Howell, Mark (65778)

James, Jari (63711)

Jones, Dennis (64905)

Petersen, Jenn (67459)

Pickett, Brian (64897)

Stevens, Frank (65425)

Stoddard, Jerome (63036)

Tracy, Susan (65426)


Sixth Brigade:

Aragon, Selena (71594)

Lewandowski, Corey (70454)

Marceleno, Samuel (70023)

Pagel, Lillie (71476)

Thissen, Angel (68543)

Thissen, Christopher (67555)

Thissen, Jessica (68541)

Thissen, Seth (68542)

Volgler, Christopher (71278)


Seventh Brigade:

Dorffner, Joseph C Jr. (14260)

Dorffner, Rosy (55582)

Ensey, Gary Jr. (45102)

Green, Walter (58068)

Parsons, Geraldine (54773)

Ritz, Courtney (63822)

Ritz, Scott (94896)

Selkirk, Russell (69585)


Tenth Brigade:

Barrington, Timothy L (60369)


Eleventh Brigade:

Smith, Sean (62265)

Wilson, Sam (62264)


Twelfth Brigade:

Bagley, Debra (69504)

Eheart, Faith M (66487)

Glenn, Donald A Jr. (51130)

Glenn, Marlee (55131)

Glenn, Sara (66598)

Hollifield, Donna (56289)

Hollifield, Gary Jr. (49837)

Hollifield, Gary Sr. (56288)

Kesler, Paula (54252)

Kolb, Shirley (54956)

Litton, Patrick (64177)

McGowan, Michael J (32888)

Miller, Jenny (54054)

Planthold, Sunnie (44342)

Rickard, Julie L (54280)

Smiddy, Josiah (66621)

Welenc, Sherri (71081)


Fifteenth Brigade:

Mayo, Doug (55809)


Seventeenth Brigade:

Beighley, Earl (54063)

Beighley, Marsha (62784)

Cerame, Nelson (60734)

Cerame, Spencer (62530)

Cerame, Susan (55273)

Cheairs, Wendy (62233)

Gurule, Jason (68821)

Melech, Josef P (71073)

Reustle, David (54356)

Roberts, John (54592)


Twentieth Brigade:

Barrow, Amanda (69934)

Barrow, Colin (69933)

Hartley, Michael (69301)

Mabbitt, Benjamin (67786)

Mabbitt, Robert (67785)

O’Shea, Alan (69254)

Stoneham, Patricia (69618)

Congratulations and well done, all!!

If there are any names missing from this list, please contact either me, or COFORCECOM Jari James privately at the addresses listed below.

*New Motto*

We received a LOT of good suggestions from across the Corps. We are still working on selecting from among that list. Please bear with us for a bit.

*Summit Season*

I had fun talking via Skype to the marines of the Second Brigade at their Muster last month. I was given the honor of announcing their Valor Award recipients. I truly enjoyed the heck out of that.

If any other Brigade would like to arrange a via Skype visit with me, or other members of the General Staff, please feel free to contact us the addresses listed below. Speaking for myself, I enjoyed it and am willing to do so again any time.

A couple of items from last time that bear repeating:

*Email Addresses*

It is important to remember that Email Addresses no longer appear on the STARFLEET Database. This being the case, it is of vital importance that marines check and double check the email address entered on any form being sent to the SFMC for any reason. If your email address is entered incorrectly, servicing whatever request you are making, SFMCA Course, Award Certificate request, etc., will be *significantly* delayed.

*Suggestions and Ideas*

People, the General Staff exists to make the SFMC a better place to be.

That being said, we never claim to have all the answers. If you have an idea or suggestion of benefit to the SFMC please, by all means, send it to one of us. I’ll give the addresses below:

Mike McGowan, Commandant:

Jim Monroe, Deputy Commandant: Jerry Stoddard, Sergeant Major, SFMC: Barry Jackson, COFINCOM: Jari James, COFORCECOM: Mark Anderson, COINFOCOM: Travis Littou, COTRACOM:

My communications abilities during March suffered from a couple of email service outages that have been resolved, hopefully, for good. Please be advised that during these outages I received no mail whatsoever, so if you sent me something during either of these outages and are still awaiting response, it would be best if you resend it. Thanks for your understanding on this.

As you travel this Spring, please do so safely. Take care of yourselves and each other. We’ll talk again soon.


Michael McGowan

OIC, 225th MSG

Commandant, SFMC