State of INFOCOM June 2014

State of INFOCOM June 2014

As I prepare for my IC trip this year, I wanted to remind everyone it may be close but it’s not too late to recommend someone for the Communications Service Award.  If you think someone is deserving of this award and would like it presented at IC this year, please send in your recommendation as soon as you can and I’ll do everything I can to get it ready for IC.  To remind everyone, here are the requirements for the award.

This award is given at the discretion of the COINFOCOM to those Marines who have demonstrated their communications skills in service to the Corps in general, or INFOCOM in particular. Such skills may be demonstrated through contributing to SFMC, BDE, or unit publications; creation of superior quality SFMC-oriented websites; or other similar activities.

We are continuing to look for a permanent ADOE staff position.  Here’s the requirements for the position.

Candidates for the position of ADOE Editor should meet the following criteria:

(1) Have passed OTS (OCC is recommended);

(2) Have passed PD-100 and PD-201 from the SFMCA; and

(3) Be a member of STARFLEET in good standing.

If you wish to apply for the editor position please send me your information and experience to

In closing here are the pingdom stats for May 2014.

Uptime: 99.97%
Outages: 1

Downtime: 15m
Response time: 453 ms

Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Brigadier General, SFMC
Team Delta

State of the SFMC June 2014

State of the SFMC June 2014


First, let me apologize for the lateness of this report. As you may know, I have had some health issues that have prevented me from being as active on my computer as I would have liked. This report will be brief and also will be preceded by a short “State of the Dant” Report.


My Illness

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who sent good thoughts, wishes, and prayers for my speedy recovery. Though not exactly speedy, my recovery is well under way and I feel confident in saying that I am, though still not 100%, well on the mend.

During my illness, the General Staff has been carrying on with the business of the Corps with the quiet efficiency for which I am duly thankful. They have, yet again, confirmed my confidence in them.

Additionally, the DepDant and the SGM have worked to keep me up to date and seek guidance by phone while I was unable to offer same by email.

Thank you both Jim and Jerry.

So, there you have it. My recovery is slow but ongoing, but the business of the Corps continues onward.



As reported by COFINCOM, Barry Jackson, the SFMC General Account has a

balance of $4602.36, and the Scholarship Account has $2728.96. The

Aerospace Wings pins ran out of stock and have been replaced. Since the

FINCOM report was issued, the new stock is in hand and will be available

to order from the QM site shortly. This new stock replaces the old logo

with the new, so these are the first pins available with the new

imagery. Others will be replaced as we run out of stock and need to reorder.

Also since the FINCOM report was issued, we have approved an order of

new SFMC patches and flags. They should be in stock soon and available

for order through the SFMC QM site shortly thereafter.



The General Staff is, as always, open to suggestions of new and

interesting things to do as well as ways to do things we already do. As

always, you may contact any member of the General Staff for suggestions

regarding their areas of responsibility or you may contact me with any

suggestion and i’ll happily route it to the appropriate GS member. Email

addresses for the GS follow:


Mike McGowan, Commandant:

Jim Monroe, Deputy Commandant:

Jerry Stoddard, Sergeant Major, SFMC:

Barry Jackson, COFINCOM:


Mark Anderson, COINFOCOM:

Travis Littou, COTRACOM:

Again, there are a few things that bear repeating, so I’ll do so.


Email Addresses

It is important to remember that Email Addresses no longer appear on the

STARFLEET Database. This being the case, it is of vital importance that

marines check and double check the email address entered on any form

being sent to the SFMC for any reason. If your email address is entered

incorrectly, servicing whatever request you are making, SFMCA Course,

Award Certificate request, etc., will be *significantly* delayed.


Reporting Operations


I can not stress enough how vitally important it is to report the things

you do all the way up the Chain of Command. Marines, make sure your Unit

OICs know what you are doing in your community. OICs at each level, make

sure those items get reported the whole way up the chain. If you don’t

report it, we can’t reward it. Everyone likes the occasional “Thank

You”, but if we don’t know what’s being done, we can’t recognize those

who are doing it.


Please make sure that your marines are being properly recognized. Its

good for them, and good for us all.


Well, that’s about all I can stand to write at the moment. Thank you all

again for the kind wishes. Its meant an awful lot to me.


Michael McGowan

OIC, 225th MSG

Commandant, SFMC

State of FINCOM June 2014

State of FINCOM June 2014

This month’s SOR is a bit wordy, but I wanted to tell you about Henry Alfred Jackson, my great granddaddy and his three nephews.

My great granddaddy, Henry Alfred Jackson, and three of his nephews, Noah, Cornelius, and Bracey Jackson, were Confederate soldiers.  They served with the North Carolina 40th State Troops (Regiment), 3rd Artillery, Company B.  After enlisting and having local artillery training at Fort Hill in Beaufort County, NC, they were detailed to Fort Fisher near Wilmington, NC.  The Federals decided that they wanted to take the town of Wilmington, NC and the only way they could do that was to take Fort Fisher.  The first battle of Fort Fisher occurred during December 23–27, 1864.  Due to winter storms and Federal miscalculations, Fort Fisher held against the naval bombardment and assault.  Confederate losses amounted to five killed, fifty-six wounded, and six hundred captured, while the damage caused by the bombardment was quickly repaired.  On January 13–15, 1865, the Federals came back loaded for bear for the second battle.  They had 40 ships in three offensive lines, 16 ships in reserve and 4 divisions of naval landing parties of which one was the USMC.  After three days of battle, Fort Fisher finally surrendered.  Confederate soldiers started evacuating the fort and dispersing before they could be taken prisoner.  Henry Alfred was one of the evacuees and was later discharged from the Confederate Army on February 10, 1865 by reason of age.  At any time during these battles, if a stray bullet or naval shell had killed Henry Alfred, I would not be writing this report.  He came back home, married his second wife, and they had Henry Augustus, my granddaddy.

Bracey was wounded in the battle at Fort Anderson near Newbern, NC.  Noah and Cornelius were both wounded at the Battle of Bentonville which occurred after the Fort Fisher battles.  All made it back home safely.

Bracey Jackson died on or about January 22, 1902 at 65 years old.  The following is an excerpt from his eulogy that was given during his funeral by B. F. Sugg, a fellow solder. “In 1861 when the battle cry was sounded, he was among the first to respond to his county’s call, and joined Company B, Fortieth Regiment at Fort Hill this county.  Soon his Regiment was ordered to Fort Fisher.  All during the entire war he stood to the front and was never known to flinch from duty.  He, his brothers and Henry Jackson formed the first four in ranks and (Bracey) was right in conduct, brave in battle, loyal to every trust and held in the highest esteem by all who came in contact with him.”

Over 116,516 soldiers died during World War I, 405,399 during World War II, 35,516 during the Korean War, 58,209 during the Vietnam War, 258 during the Persian Gulf War, 4,804 during the Iraq War and 3,441 so far during the Afghanistan War.  Also there was the Revolutionary War, the French and Indian War, the War of 1812, the American Civil War and many more not listed.  These are the guys and gals we should be thanking for keeping our country free during this past Memorial day.

Having said the above, I believe it is much better to thank a present day US war veteran for their service to our country while they are alive than to wait and honor them after they have passed away.  If I see any veteran of any US war, I always thank him on the spot for his service.  You should be doing the same thing.

As stated in my last SOR, the SFMC Quartermaster PayPal account is back up and running.  Please order at will.

The General Staff debated on a new design for a 3 X 5 flag.  We have received a quote and the General Staff will have to decide on the new quote.

Linda is still working on new shoulder patches. The General Staff will have to determine how many to order.

The new design for the Aerospace wings was approved and ordered.  We expect delivery of those pins in the near future.  We will let you know when they arrive.

Opening balance for the month of May is – $4825.53

PayPal transfer -$207.36

PayPal transfer – $5.72 (order for April paid into SFI PayPal account [now reflected on actual bank statement for May)

Counter Credits – $144.67

USPS – QM postage – $85.28 includes postage for shipping SFMC items to R15 Summit

Pinpros – $485.00  – new Aerospace wings device, (has not yet arrived)

WalMart – $10.64 – envelopes for shipping quartermaster items.

Closing balance for the account was $4602.36

Scholarship interest $0.07 .  The current balance $2728.96

I have received no applications for the position of DCOFINCOM.  I do however have a person willing to take the position but I need a clarification of whether this person can hold a General Staff position while holding the SFMC position this person is in now.  I should have a clarification soon.

In Service

BGEN Barry Jackson