State of FORCECOM November 2014

State of FORCECOM November 2014

Good day, Marines.

It’s still November.  Late November, but still November so this skates in just under the wire.

I am happy to report that thanks to some incredible support work provided by both CompOps, DBOps and INFOCOM, the functions FORCECOM needs for day to day work are pretty much all on line.  We’re still finding the occasional bug, but we’ve got combat boots and the will to use them.

Due to the previous DB issues I ‘strongly’ request each Marine check the database to make sure their information is correct [ship assignment, unit assignment, Marine affiliation, etc].  Also, Marine Command Staff [Unit, Battalion and Brigade OICs] please review your specific Commands to make sure everyone you know is assigned is listed.  If you notice discrepancies, please let this Command know ASAP so we can get it sorted out.

There was an issue with the SFMC website online reporting forms, but I’m pleased to say that it’s up and working just fine.  The request for repair went in and it was fixed within 12 hours of the notice. I’ve already received quite a few Units reports.  Please note: if you use the form and do note get the automated copy of your submission in an email, there’s a good chance the report did not go through.  You can try it again or contact your Brigade OIC ASAP to let them know and get a copy of the blank reporting form as a document to fill out and send in via email.

The Unit report form can be found here:

DO NOT USE THE DATABASE REPORTING FORM. It’s not cleared for use and we’ll let you know when it is.  Submitting your report using the wrong form is not a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card in regards to a late report.

We haven’t used the form in quite a few months and have made this fact widely known.  Do not risk getting a ‘Failure to Report’ by not following orders.

We’re still not quite comfortable with the statistics we’re seeing from the database, but I can give you rough approximates of 562 Active, 583 Reserve and 183 Marine Units listed.  I firmly feel these numbers are running a bit low and as we get things caught up I expect those numbers to climb.

As we head into the rest of the Holiday Season, Forces Command wishes all of you the best of the Season.  And look out for those Turkey MRE’s.  I’m hearing scuttlebutt they were contracted out to a Cardassian supplier.

Stand easy, Marines.

BGN Jari “Gato” James


State of INFOCOM November 2014

State of INFOCOM November 2014

Greetings Marines,

Sorry for the lateness of my report.  I got wrapped in in the holidays and lost track of time.  I blame it on the turkey.  Enough about me, now on with the report.

As I mentioned last month we have completed the graphics update in the SFMC manuals.  There have been other question about manuals updates.  If a manual needs updating, please contact the appropriate branch or collage and have them send me the information that needs updating.  I can only update what I’m directed to update.

I updated some of the links on the old SFMC website to point to the new SFMC website to reduce some of the confusion on which was the latest information.  We also had a problem with the reporting forms, I was able to correct that problem quickly.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and has a great and safe holiday season.

In closing here are the pingdom stats for October 2014.


Uptime: 99.90%

Outages: 1

Downtime: 45 minutes

Response time: 335 ms


Mark “Slayer” Anderson

Major General, SFMC


Team Delta

State of FINCOM November 2014

State of FINCOM November 2014

The numbers for the month are as follows:

The checking checking account opened the month with a balance of $5299.58

Credit – $615.24  PayPal transfer

Debits – $58.65

Closing balance for the account was $5856.17

There were 11 sales for the month

Scholarship interest – $0.04 .  The current balance $2729.16


MGEN Barry Jackson