State of INFOCOM January 2015

State of INFOCOM January 2015

Greetings Marines,

I am still looking for Brigade banners to add to the rotation on the SFMC website.  I currently have a Banners for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 11th and 12th Brigades.  I had requested each active Brigade send me a banner to represent their Brigade and I would add it to the rotation.  Although I’m not a graphics designer, I can use Photoshop a little, so if you have any questions or need assistance with your banner design please let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.  Please send your banners to  Also make sure the Brigade OIC has approved the banner.  If requested and I assist in putting a banner together for your Brigade the Brigade OIC will need to approve it before I can post it.

I would like to also request anyone who has back issues of the AOD or AODE saved somewhere please contact me at the email address above.  Although I have found many of the previous issues of the AOD and AODE but I’m sure it’s not all of them.  I would like to build an archive and have them available for download from the SFMC website.

In closing here’s the pingdom stats for December.


Uptime: 99.90%

Outages: 2

Downtime: 45 Minutes

Response time: 497 ms


Mark “Slayer” Anderson

Brigadier General, SFMC


Team Delta

State of the SFMC January 2015

State of the SFMC January 2015


Its been a long, hard winter, but we seem to be getting through.

Personally, I have been under the weather certainly more than I would have liked, but seem to be past the worst of it.

The MFM Revision Project has been delayed by my illness, but will be back under way in the next few days.

For all of you in Brigades outside of the US: As with previous years, countries with programs similar in nature to Toys for Tots may be considered for credit towards the Commandant’s Campaign Ribbon. So, to all of you outside of the United States, if your country has a program that operates along the same lines as Toys for Tots and you’d like it considered for the Commandant’s Campaign, you need only submit the program’s information to Jari and me for consideration. Such programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Doing so early in the program year will avoid problems for everyone, so get that information to us as soon as possible.

Summit/Muster season is getting ready to begin in earnest. I have been invited to speak via Skype to the Marines of the 11th Brigade. Third Brigade has invited me down to speak to them in person in May.

Summit/Muster organizers who would like for me to speak either in person or via Skype should contact me privately via email.

The SFMC is having some issues with the database that the DB team is working diligently to straighten out for us.

The SFMC continues to grow and flourish. Keep doing what you’re doing for your chapters, communities, regions, and STARFLEET. You make us all proud.


Michael McGowan

OIC, 225th MSG

Commandant, SFMC

State of FINCOM January 2015

State of FINCOM January 2015

I got into the Holiday spirit last month and forgot the Quartermaster report.  This report brings me up to date for the months of November and December.


Opening balance for the month of November $5850.17
Credit – $230.38  PayPal transfer for merchandise sold

Debits – $22.79
USPS – QM postage – $22.79

Closing balance for the account was $6057.76

Sales for month
There were 5 orders for this month


Opening balance for the month of December $6057.76

Credit – $175.27  (PayPal transfer = 164.63, transfer from Main account – 2.32,  plus 8.32 miscellaneous) merchandise sold

Debits – $23.04
USPS – QM postage – $23.04

Closing balance for the account was 6209.99

Sales for month
There were five orders this month
Scholarship interest – .05 .  The current balance 2729.30

The following is a incident that happened to me.  I am neither promoting or discouraging anyone from using Apple Pay, but the following is true.  After I got my new IPhone, I set up Apple Pay on my phone.  Within 12 hours, someone in New Jersey charged $799 for a new computer against my credit card.   Within another 6 hours someone in Miami charged $250 at Macy’s against the same card.  This card is on file with on 5 other businesses such as Amazon, Avis and Delta.  This may be a coincidence.  You be the judge.


MGEN Barry Jackson