State of FORCECOM October 2015

State of FORCECOM October 2015

Good Evening, Marines.

This will be a very short and sweet missive.  I’m in the middle of taking two separate classes from my local medical Reserve Corps unit along with learning all that I need to do to winterize a house in SW Idaho and playing ‘Medication de Jour’ with two of my VA docs. Nothing serious, but between that and the vanishing daylight I’m got a bad case of the sleepies a good portion of the time which isn’t helping my time management skills one bit.

For those who did not get the original posts, individuals have been

chosen to fill the duty slots   open in Forces Command.  I want to

welcome BDR David Sladky to the position of 7th Brigade Officer in Charge.  He takes over immediately so if you have any questions about activities in 7th Brigade, his contact information is on the SFMC website under Forces Command.  Also COL Brian Allen joins the FORCECOM team as it’s new E-Certificates Officer.  He’s in the process of designing our new certificates and will be catching up with our backlog first before taking on any other projects.  Please give him a bit of time to get his office up and running.

As some of you have already heard via the water cooler grapevine, we have had a few logos come into conflict with the United States Marine Corps.  Right now all those issues have been addressed. We pulled the Marine Force Manual off the website until we can get any graphics that were in conflict changed.  When we’re sure that it’s squeaky clean it will go back up and we’ll make that announcement.

If ‘any’ unit or Battalion has concerns about their logo, motto or slogan please notify your Brigade OIC about it.  They will contact FORCECOM and we’ll take things from there.  Keep in the Chain of Command, folks.  It’s just easier to track things that way.

That’s all for now. Keep it safe out there and be nice to each other.

Stand Easy, Marines.


BGN Jari “Gato” James


State of INFOCOM October 2015

State of INFOCOM October 2015

Greetings Marines,

Sorry I missed last month’s report, so this month is a double report.

As I am writing this report I keep hearing a knocks at my door as the neighborhood kids make their trick or treat rounds tonight.  A long with the normal ghost and witch costumes I do see a lot more super heroes and Star Wars costumes this year.  That tells me the next generation of sci-fi fans are out there and I’m glad they will have the same enjoyment watching and reading as I have had.

I’m still working on the websites on the new host.  It looks like I have everything about ready except the reporting.  This may take a bit more time to get a handle on than I had planned.

I hope to have everything wrapped up in the next couple of weeks depending on my work schedule.

Well I have someone else rapping at my chamber door, Happy Halloween everyone.

In closing here’s the pingdom stats for August and September 2015.


Uptime: 100%
Outages: 0

Downtime: 0

Response time: 304 ms


Uptime: 100%
Outages: 0

Downtime: 0

Response time: 294 ms


Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Major General, SFMC
Team Delta