State of FORCECOM August 2016

State of FORCECOM August 2016

Good Day, Marines,

** September in the US is Disaster Preparedness Month. The West coast has droughts and fires. The central part is flooding and the East coast is getting hit by hurricanes. And our International members have more then their fair share of wind, weather and such.

Never ‘assume’ that something can’t or won’t happen in your area. We all know how ‘that’ will end up. Both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [ ] and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention [ ] offer handy guides on how to prepare.  It doesn’t even need to be a big, local disaster.  Right now there are several small local towns without power due to a forest fire.

The fire is no where near them, but has taken out parts of the power grid headed into their area.

If you want to take this into a larger venue [your work place, school, your local church, etc] has an entire month’s worth of plans.

** Now with another International Marine Muster come and gone and with the major awards season over, now is a good time to check out your personnel records on the database.  No one’s going to know something is missing but you so it’s a good to get in the habit of reviewing your personal records every couple of months or so.

And besides, you may discover an award or two you didn’t know you received.  That’s always a nice surprise.

It’s a fact of life in electronic record keeping that sometimes things go missing. An email may get eaten by a spam folder.  Records can be lost on a hard drive. It is the responsibility of the individual to keep a copy of all his personal records, awards received, courses completed, etc.  If you find an error, it’s certainly acceptable to point it out and request the data be added, updated or changed.  Just know that you’ll need to provide documentation so that the appropriate correction to the database. Documentation can be a scanned copy of the certificate, an email from the issuing authority, a copy of a Unit or Brigade report noting the award, etc.

I can’t emphasis this point enough: if it can’t be documented, it can’t be changed, corrected or added.  If this all sounds familiar, it’s something I try to stress every few months or so.  It’s never a good idea to wait until the last moment to discover something’s missing, especially if you’re getting ready for a formal dress event like your Unit Holiday formal dinner or an upcoming Brigade Muster.

Just think of it as ‘preventative maintenance’.

** Certificates from the awards issued will be going out to the BDE OICs for distribution; some electronically [email] and some by snail mail.

Give us a bit of time to make every gets to it’s end destination.  If you don’t see/hear/receive your certs by the end of September, please contact me and I’ll track down where things went astray.

To close I want to welcome the new Marines who have joined the Corps over the last couple of months and the new units that have joined our ranks.  I’m looking forward to working with each and every one of you.


Keep it safe out there and be nice to each other.


Stand Easy, Marines


BGN Jari “Gato” James


State of INFOCOM August 2016

State of INFOCOM August 2016

Greetings Marines,

I just wanted to say what a great time I had attending IC this year.  I really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones.  Congratulation to all the Marines who were announced as receiving some well-deserved awards.  I got to visit Fort Knox and the Patton museum.  If you ever want to know anything about General Patton that is the place to go.  I hope everyone who attended has as much fun as I did.

I have had a couple of people ask me about the SFMC website and especially the old SFMC site.  I wanted to let everyone know the information I have and then if you have any additional question you can contact me directly.  The SFMC and the SFMCA sites are still on the old provider DreamHost.  I have the sites copied over to the new host Site 5.  They may need some tweaking but they are functional on the new hosts.  The main reason I haven’t finished up the transfer is the reporting function.  The reporting function is still tied to the old SFMC Joomla site and once the website is transferred to the new host that function will no longer work.  The SFMC Joomla site is two old and we can’t move it to the new host.  I was hoping the reporting function for the SFMC in the Database that was started some time ago would have been completed but it hasn’t.  With the election coming up it appears a database redesign will be coming and this will get addresses when that happens.  That could be a year or more away.  So, I’m currently working on a new SFMC WordPress site and I’m trying a Forms module called Ninja forms to cover the gap.  I will transition the entire site over to WordPress as well but I wanted to get the reporting addressed first so I can get the sites transferred to the new host.  Two other things about the old and newer SFMC websites, the old Joomla site (The blue background) hasn’t been updated in years and the newer SFMC website last “news” article is dated December 2015.  There were newer articles on the site but in six weeks the site was hacked three times and the articles got corrupted.  I had to delete and re-add them.  Then the site got hacked again and the last time I didn’t add the articles back and remove the ability to add articles to stop future hacks.  Luckily after I made that change the site hasn’t gotten hacked again.  My primary focus is getting the reporting forms working and then concentrate or getting the other data moved.  As I have no web team staff members so if you know WordPress and would like to volunteer to assist please contact me.

In closing here’s the pingdom stats for July 2016.

Uptime: 100%
Outages: 0

Downtime: 0

Response time: 302 ms


Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Major General, SFMC
Team Delta

State of the SFMC August 2016

State of the SFMC August 2016

(Remarks Given at IC on my Behalf)



First, let me apologize for not being there with you. It was my original intent to make the drive down from Illinois and spend this weekend with you, but health and other concerns have made that unfeasible this year.

I truly miss being there and sincerely wish it had worked out otherwise.


Second, I apologize to Mark and Barry for being unable to stand watch with them this weekend. They have my thanks for tending to SFMC business there this weekend in my absence, and I hope you give them yours as well, and maybe even a round of applause at some point.


Now, let’s briefly touch on the state of the SFMC. Speaking in general terms, the STARFLEET Marine Corps continues to make up over twenty percent of STARFLEET’s total membership, taking into account both Active and Reserve members of the SFMC. The Fleet and Marine side of STARFLEET continue to work together, and complement each other’s endeavors. Our bank account remains healthy. In short, we’re doing okay as an organization.


At this point, I need to address a matter that drew a great deal of discussion both on the Corps email list, and the SFMC Facebook group, namely the Class C BDU uniform. After considering all the input I received on the matter, I have found no compelling reason to make any change to the MFM regarding the Class C BDU uniform, and several reasons to not make any change.


The Class C BDU uniform has been a part of the SFMC for my entire time in the Corps, and for many years before that. For many of our members, it is not only the only uniform they own, it’s the only one they can afford. To tell them now they can’t wear it would be grossly unfair to those who have invested their time and money on them. Also, we have many members who are, as I’m prone to quoting the SGM SFMC, “of heroic sizes”. The BDU is often the only uniform they can put together “off the rack”, and doing away with it would do those members a disservice.


Finally, for those who are concerned about the appearance of the BDU uniform, and possible negative reaction from the public, the SFMC has long had a policy covering that concern in the uniform section of the MFM. I will now quote the current MFM 1508, Section 7.1.2 in its entirety just so everyone is aware of what that past and current policy is:


“7.1.2 When Wearing the Uniform is Recommended or Prohibited

Wear of the Marine uniform is never required, but when it is worn it is required to be worn correctly. The Marine uniform can be worn at any Marine, ship, or fan function where the Marine uniform would seem appropriate in context.


Wear of the uniform is prohibited under the following circumstances:


  • In connection with the promotion of any political or commercial interests.


  • Except as authorized by competent authority, when participating in public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies or public demonstrations.


  • When wearing the uniform would bring discredit upon the SFMC.


Further, uniforms should not be worn to functions where the majority of attendees would not recognize it as some type of fan uniform. The Mess White and Class C uniforms are not readily recognizable as a non-military uniform. Marines should avoid wearing the uniform in any context where it may appear paramilitary or intimidating to the public.”


To sum that up, wearing a uniform is never required, but if you do wear one, it’s up to you to decide whether or not wearing certain of our authorized uniforms is appropriate in a given situation.


As for “banning” any current uniform, I’ll refer you to Section of the current MFM to look up on your own, but basically what it says is in a nutshell is that if Master Gunnery Sergeant Stoddard wants to wear a Sailor Moon outfit at a convention, he’s free to do so. All we can do is ask is that he NOT claim it’s an SFMC uniform of any sort (and that nobody send me any pictures of it.)


Please remember that the purpose of the various Class C uniforms is to provide heavy duty work or “play” attire for various activities. And, they serve to make ourselves readily identifiable _*to one another*_when we’re gathered together. In fact, since all our class C variants include the provision for a name tape or equivalent, they even let us know who we’re working with.


Turning from uniforms, I’d like to remind you again “If you don’t report it, we can’t reward it.” In other words, each member of the SFMC needs to make sure their unit OIC is aware of their activities and make sure that gets included in the report that goes up the SFMC Chain of Command every two months. And, Unit OIC’s should be making sure that when they file their report that a copy goes to their chapter CO (if the unit is an MSG) so that due recognition for the efforts of their marines can be made on the Fleet side of things. Remember, we’re all part of the same team here. SFMC members don’t choose to operate under a different set of rules than rest of SFI, but instead they choose an additional set of rules to operate under as well.


Here at IC, there are many SFMC members being recognized for their outstanding efforts during 2015. Their exceptional dedication and hard work not only benefits their communities, the SFMC, and STARFLEET, but they also inspire and encourage each and every one of us to excel in our own ways. And yet despite that collective effort on their parts, none of them would be receiving those awards if someone hadn’t taken the time to make the extent of their accomplishments known to the appropriate issuing authority for that award. Every award announced at the International Muster is the direct result of at least one other marine making sure someone else’s work got reported and noticed, and I thank you all for looking out for each other that way. Please, keep doing so.


As you’re probably aware, it’s an election year in STARFLEET, and I thought I should address that in some way. As usual, the SFMC will take no official position on the upcoming SFI elections, other than to encourage our members to exercise their right and privilege to vote for the candidate of their choice.


So, what have I left out? Odds are there was something. As Commandant, the rest of the General Staff and I are aware that there is always room for improvement, and we will be the first to admit we’re far from omniscient. We don’t have all the answers, and will always consider suggestions from members of the SFMC regardless of the subject. Please feel free to contact us through the proper channels so that we can be sure of seeing and responding in a timely manner.


In closing, let me say that I wish I could be there, able to just sit and talk with you outstanding Marines. Spending time with new and old friends in the SFMC is one of the greatest pleasures I have as Commandant.


Additionally, it is my profound pleasure to announce that at International Muster the following awards were presented:


SFMC Awards – International Conference/Muster 2016


Honor Awards


Cross of Honor:

COL Michael Calhoun, 72630


Sword of Honor:

BGN Jari James, 63711


Shield of Honor:

COL Derek France, 50007


Star of Honor:

SGM Stephen Sardeson, 69180


Cadet Cross of Honor (Grade 4):

CDT Kendalyn Jarrett, 67518


Cadet Shield of Honor (Grade 4):

CDT Kendalyn Jarrett, 67518


Legion of Honor:

255th Marine Strike Group


Achievement Awards


Distinguished Service Cross:

LGN Oliver Savander, 63097



COL Brian Allen, 45035

BGN TJ Allen, 66154

MGN Mark Anderson, 61429

COL David W. Anderson Jr,. 71553

LGN Wayne Augustson, 62262

GSGT Tim Barrington, 60369

1LT William Bartholomew, 72496

MGN Theresa Bristow, 66037

LTC Leo Brunelle, 66349

BDR Jeremy Carsten, 60142

MGN Rey Cordero, 55807

LGN Paul Dyl, 22241

LGN Fleona Dystast’ar, 16922

COL Gregory Fant, 72418

COL Jared Fielder, 56025

LTC Lisa Hergert, 64066

MGN Barry Jackson, 52343

BGN Jari James, 63711

COL Craig Kamikawa, 71554

FADM Wayne Killough, 47215

BDR Tom King, 61029

GEN Wade Larkin, 28375

BDR Angela Lewis, 65107

MGN Travis Littou, 44620

LGN Patrick McAndrew, 27667

MGN Julie McGowan, 54280

GEN Michael J. McGowan, 32888

GEN James Monroe, 49827

GEN David Nottage, 28197

GEN Linda Olson, 30869

BGN James Ortega, 63931

BGN Ken Purdie, 64437

SGM John Radle, 68362

BGN Douglas Reagan, 66273

BGN Donna Reid, 63437

GEN Paul Reid, 13374

BGN Shane Russell, 62533

SGM Stephen Sardeson, 69180

LGN Oliver Savander, 63097

BGN David Sladky, 66407

BDR Josiah Smiddy, 66621

BDR Liam Smith, 63916

COL Faith Steinberg, 66487

MGSGT Jerome Stoddard, 63036

MGN Owen Swart, 60471

MGN Ed Tunis III, 14121

GEN Jeffrey Victor, 34227

GEN Laura Victor, 53514

BGN Peter Yohe, 52898


SFMC Service:

COL Brian Allen, 45035

MGN Mark Anderson, 61429

MGN Barry Jackson, 52343

BGN Jari James, 63711

FADM Wayne Killough, 47215

MGN Travis Littou, 44620

GEN James Monroe, 49827

GEN Linda Olson, 30869

SGM John Radle, 68362

BGN Shane Russell, 62533

MGSGT Jerome Stoddard, 63036


SFMC Achievement:

COL Jared Fielder, 56025

BGN Jari James, 63711

MGN Julie McGowan, 54280

BGN Steven Parmley, 64993

BDR Josiah Smiddy, 66621

BDR Liam Smith, 63916

MGN Edward Tunis III,14121

BGN David Sladky, 66407


Meritorious Unit Citation:

95th Marine Strike Group

349th Marine Strike Group

377th Marine Strike Group

391st Marine Strike Group

503rd Marine Strike Group

717th Marine Strike Group


Leaders Commendation:

MGSGT Jonathan Kenna, 73060

SSGT Lyn McAliece, 68334

MCPT William Reed, 73085



Team Delta (Student):

COL David Anderson, 71553

BDR Michael Brown, 69324

BGN Brian Landry, 65960


Team Delta (Honorary):

COL Jared Fielder, 56025

BGN Jari James, 63711

SGM John Radle, 68362


Student of the Year:

BGN Brian Landry, 69324


TRACOM Commanders Award:

BGN Shane Russell, 62533


Congratulations to each of every one of these hard working marines. Well done all!!


Michael McGowan


OIC, 225th MSG