State of FORCECOM October 2016

State of FORCECOM October 2016

Good day, Marines.

Short, sweet and to the point because I’ve still got two online FEMA courses to knock out before my hands on class tomorrow and Wednesday.

I’m going to address a topic I had hoped I’d never need to address. And that is bullying.

Definition: “Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among individuals or groups of individuals that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is often repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. “

I have have been hearing of this happening among members of STARFLEET and Marine Units more and more over this past year. This can be gender specific, based on different theologies, different political viewpoints; just about any difference two people can have.  I’ve even had it come across my desk based on a Ship’s CO preference of one specific Trek series and the Marine Unit’s OIC preferring a different one – one wanting me to ‘order’ the other to do chose the series he wanted so everyone would look the same.

Really?  I mean…. really, folks?  This is a game. A hobby. Our positions are for fun [except for the few that are for admin purposes only] and rank means not much other then an acknowledgement of services rendered the organization or simple longevity.

If you feel you are on the receiving end of bullying, for Bog’s Sake, please talk to someone about it.  Your OIC or CO if you can.  If you can’t, your BDE OIC or RC.  You can write me if needs be.  No matter who you talk to, be prepared to make a written statement so we can develop a paper trail about the situation.  Simply saying ‘He called me a doo-doo head and I want you to fix it!’ will not work.  Like any other counseling statement, we need some sort of facts on the incident to we can dig into it.

SFI and the SFMC are meant to be fun.  If someone is stealing your fun, we want to fix that.  Don’t stay out in the cold and be miserable.  Let us know.


That’s all for now. Keep it safe out there and be nice to each other.

Stand Easy, Marines.


BGN Jari “Gato” James



State of INFOCOM October 2016

State of INFOCOM October 2016

Greetings Marines,

I just got in from trick or treating, I was dressed in my invisible pedestrian costume this year.  Just kidding.  I was actually out handing out some candy this year.  Looks like there was an uptick in trick or treating this year compared to the last couple of years.   I was on the lookout for some Trek costumes but didn’t see any this year.  Usually there are a couple every year.  Not sure if that’s a good sign or not.

I’m still working on a new SFMC WordPress site and with the assistance of Major General Edward Tunis III we have made some great progress.  We have a lot of the pages created.  We just need to finish up a few details like the awards submission forms, getting the news history over to the new site and work on the layout and color scheme.  I hope we can have everything wrapped up in a few weeks.

In closing here’s the pingdom stats for September 2016.

Uptime: 100%
Outages: 0

Downtime: 0

Response time: 360 ms


Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Major General, SFMC
Team Delta