State of FORCECOM November 2016

State of FORCECOM November 2016

Good day, Marines.

Just a few little things before we slide into the December holiday season.

* Commandant’s Campaign Award: The data collection cycle for the latest CCA is 1 Jan 2016 – 31 Dec 2016 so this is a good time to start collecting your information to submit to your BDE OIC for the Feb 2017 report. Remember, the activities per-authorized for the CCA are the USMC Toys for Tots, the Special Olympics and the Sar’ Major’s March for the Disabled. You must have volunteered at least 4 hours of your time to one of these activities to be considered. We need the following information:

your name and rank, your SCC#, the activity you were involved in, where that activity took place, what you did for that activity and how much time you spent doing it. Don’t wait until the last minute. Start on this now.

* Brigade Staffing: There have also been some changes in the Brigade Command structure since last we’ve talked.

I want to thank both BGN Douglas Reagan [2 Brigade] and BGN Thomas Sigmundsson [9 Brigade] for stepping up into their respective Brigade’s Officer in Charge positions. I have worked with the both of them and know that the Marines under their leadership will have the support they deserve.

* Again, I can not stress enough: DO NOT USE THE DATABASE REPORTING FORM.

It’s not cleared for use and we’ll let you know when it is. Submitting your report using the wrong form is not a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card in regards to a late report. We haven’t used the form and have made this fact widely known. Do not risk getting a ‘Failure to Report’ by not following orders.

* Database Issues: There are still a few ongoing problems showing up as to the numbers the database is

The latter is something I can ‘usually’ fix at my level so if you find someone being listed in two places at once, please email me and I’ll see what I can get done.

And if you notice anything else, make sure you let the gurus in CompOps and DBOps know. No one can fix it if they don’t know it’s broke.

* And as always, if you’ve got questions, remember to use your chain of command. Everyone from your Unit OIC up to the members of the General Staff are here to help you. Just run your thoughts and concerns up the chain and we’ll help you out.

As we head into the rest of the Holiday Season, the Forces Command wishes all of you the best of the Season. And be on the look out for the new ‘ham’ MRE’s that are just arriving in the system. They’ve gotten a bit better over time, but smoked haunch of Targ is still a bit of an aqquired taste. [But as I understand it, they are significantly better then the Cardassian ‘turkey’ ones from last year.]

That’s all for now. Keep it safe out there and be nice to each other.

Stand easy, Marines.


BGN Jari “Gato” James


State of INFOCOM November 2016

State of INFOCOM November 2016

Greetings Marines,

I think I have recovered from the turkey coma, if this report doesn’t make sense then maybe not.  I always say I’m not going to overdo it each year then when it’s time to eat that idea goes right out the window.  I did do much better this year when it came to the left overs, gave a lot of that to my daughter to take home.  If it’s not in the house I can’t eat it.

Now that the election is over I would like to congratulate Robert Westfall on being elected the next commander of STARFLEET and Jari James for being selected as the next SFMC Commandant.  I’m looking forward to his administration.

The new SFMC WordPress site is still under construction.  Getting the remaining items setup is taking a bit longer than I thought it would.  I hope to have more information in next month’s report.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season.

In closing here’s the pingdom stats for October 2016.

Uptime: 100%
Outages: 0

Downtime: 0

Response time: 346 ms


Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Major General, SFMC
Team Delta