State of INFOCOM December 2016

State of INFOCOM December 2016

Greetings Marines,

Another year is about to be added to the history books.  Does it seem like the year are getting shorter or is it just me?  Seems the older I get the faster time flies, and I am having fun.  I hope every enjoys the leap second this year, the last minute of 2016 will be 61 seconds long.  I was trying to think of what I could do with the extra second but then just like that it was gone.

As you may have seen in the previous emails I will continue to service the SFMC as COINFOCOM.  It has been my privilege to serve and I look forward to the coming year.  The COINFOCOM staff will have a lot of work to do this year.  Once the SFMC site is completed we will be moving on to the remaining websites and getting them revamped as well.

I will be looking for some new and additional staff members in the January 2017 report.  Be watching for that and if you feel you can assist INFOCOM and the SFMC please feel free to submit your name for consideration.

I hope everyone has safe, and prosperous New year.

In closing here’s the pingdom stats for November 2016.

Uptime: 99.93%
Outages: 1

Downtime: 30 m

Response time: 397 ms


Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Major General, SFMC
Team Delta

SFMC December 2016

SFMC December 2016


As I write this, many of us are setting out for our New Year’s revelries. First, let me remind you all to be safe and careful this weekend. Let us assure that 2017 starts out far more pleasantly than
2016 ended.
I have been honored to serve as your Commandant for the past three years. I have had the privilege of meeting a great many of you during that time and have heartily enjoyed the experience. You are what makes the Corps strong and your leadership proud. Well done to you all.
I also want to take a moment to thank the members of the General Staff who have served with me during this term. They have all worked long and hard to ensure that the Corps continues forward and serves its members with as much efficiency and enjoyment as possible. During my pair of extended  periods of illness, they stepped forward and gave me the time I needed to recover fully. I owe them all a debt of thanks. I respect them all, and each, a tremendously.
As I will be out of the office at midnight (central), I will be ensuring that the control codes are transferred to BGN James.
Thankfully, as Jari doesn’t smoke, nor does she enjoy the same “adult beverages” as I, I can, without any remorse whatsoever, empty both the humidor and liquor cabinet in the office as I move out to my new billet.

Thank you again, Marines, and may you have the very happiest of New Years.


Michael McGowan
12th Commandant, SFMC