State of TRACOM January 2017

State of TRACOM January 2017

Hello and best wishes to you and your families in the new year. I have been walking the walls of SFMC TRACOM for the past couple of weeks, seeing the great work that everyone has done. I hope to continue and keep the high Traditions. I want to thank Travis Littou,John Radle, Josiah Smiddy and Jared Fielder for their hard work in their command staff duties. I especially want to thank all the staff within TRACOM, they are in many ways the unsung heroes.  It is my best hope and wish to continue the efforts that they have paved the path for others to follow.

A short bio on myself and time in SFI is… I joined SFI on July 29, 2005.  I joined the organization and immediately joined the USS Bortas in Campaign, IL. I Was also a member of the 229th MSG upon joining. Became a Executive officer with the chapter and served as an executive officer for 5 years. I also had Been TRACOM’s ADC clerk and also the ADC Director. I had worked with many chapters in the areas that i was stationed at for the US Army. I retired from the US Army in 2015. I also Serve as a Team leader with Alorica, Inc., which i have been with the company for over 5 years.  I also reserved for a time as Deputy Surgeon general, Region 12 SFI,

Plans that I have for the Command is listed below in additions to TRACOM monthly reporting statistics. I want to thank each and every Marine for the time that they have taken for their fellow marines, and also their work in teaching, mentoring and also taking care of each other. I also want to thank you all for input in the Organization training and also taking courses. My door is always open please feel free to reach out to me with comments and concerns about TRACOM.\

Lastly i am still taking applications for the following positions:

Xeno-Vulcan director, Combat Engineer Director, ADC Clerk, Xeno Studies (Cardassian) Director, Infantry Director

Monthly Reporting statistics:

95 Tests sent

65 test graded

Average request 1.87 hours

Overall return average was 3.12 hours

Plans for TRACOM

*Continued communications and resolutions of issues in a timely manner. I.e. issues regarding Tests graded and reported issues.

*Revision of Manuals and tests. We will review and revise manuals and tests as needed. This will take some time, but I would like to work on updating them.  I will be looking for beta testing help on this- further details will be at a later date

Current Chain of Command for TRACOM is:
Shane Russell, BGN, COTRACOM

Julie Mcgowan, MG, DCO ( she is both the Admin and Doctrine)


Shane russell


CO, USS Orion

OIC, 229th MSG