State of INFOCOM June 2017

State of INFOCOM June 2017

Greetings Marines,

Thanks to those who submitted their names for the Attention on Deck! /Attention on Deck! Extra editor position.  I’m currently reviewing the submissions and hope to make an announcement soon.

My current plan is to deploy the new SFMC WordPress site starting the 1st of July.  I was trying to take Monday as a vacation day but that didn’t work out so I’ll have three days to get everything up and running.  Once the new site is up and functioning correctly we will continue to make improvements to the site as we go.  While we are doing that we will move on to the next site, the SFMC Academy website.  We will also be going with a WordPress site.  More details on that in upcoming reports.

Callsigns on the current website.  I have attempted to update the callsigns on the current website without success.  The site uses an excel php code to display the information from an Excel spread sheet.  It has to be a 2003 version or older excel spreadsheet to work correctly.  Any time I make a change to the sheet and even if I save it as a 2003 spreadsheet it will not display the names.  I have them updated on the new site so instead of spending a lot of time on the current I’m just going to wait and focus on the new site.  Sorry for the delay but I think that is the best course of action for now.

As always if you have any questions, please let me know.  I’ll get back to
you as soon as I can.

In closing, here’s the pingdom stats for May 2017.

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Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Lieutenant General, SFMC
Team Delta

State of the Corps June 2017

State of the Corps June 2017

At Ease, Marines,

Due to some computer issues, health issues and general life issues, I did not publish a May 2017 Status report so this is a combined May-June report. Nothing bad in regards to health, I’m just not as tolerant of 95F+ as I’ve been in the past.

Now on to business.

** Database:
With another International Marine Muster coming up on the horizon this is a good time to check out your personnel records on the database.  You are the only individual who knows exactly what should be listed for awards, courses, etc. so it’s a good to get in the habit of reviewing your personal records every couple of months or so.  With IC coming up in mid August [August 18, 2017 – August 20, 2017] you still have time to get those last minute items for your uniforms.

It’s a fact of life in electronic record keeping that sometimes things go missing. An email may get eaten by a spam folder.  Records can be lost on a hard drive. It is the responsibility of the individual to keep a copy of all his personal records, awards received, courses completed, etc.

If you find something in error, it’s certainly acceptable to point it out to COFORCECOM [COL Brian Allen – E-Mail: ]and request the data be added, updated or changed.  Just know that you’ll need to provide documentation so that the appropriate correction to the database can be made.  Documentation can be a scanned copy of the certificate, an email from the issuing authority, a copy of a Unit or Brigade report noting the award, etc.

** Please Read the Manuals:
Please Read The Manual first and foremost. [PRTM is the family rated version of RTFM].  For all things that pertain to the actual day to day workings of the SFMC, it will be in either the Marine Force Manual [MFM] or the Policy Manual.  Both are on the SFMC website and are downloadable.  You can find them under Library, General Manuals.  If you have read through them and still can’t find what you’re looking for, use the Chain of Command to ask for guidance [Unit OIC – Brigade OIC – COFORCECOM].  Please do not jump your chain thinking you’ll get a faster answer.

I can’t stress this enough.  Most of the questions the General Staff have been asked are already covered in either the Marine Force Manual [general topics] or the Policy Manual [for Unit, Battalion and Brigade OICs]. It’s not that any of us on the GS are adverse to answering questions, but you’ve got then entire working policies of the SFMC available to you in those two manuals.  Please take the time to look through them and consult your chain if you have a question.

Also PRTM in regards to who is responsible for what level of promotions. In so far as the SFMC is concerned, we do not have the ability to promote.  That function belongs on the Fleet side of the house.  So always check with your Ship CO and your RC about promotions.

** Awards:
Here’s another “PRTM” point.  With IC coming, think of the Marines around you in regards to award nominations.

* “All” nominations for Honor Awards need to be in the hands of the Deputy Commandant, GEN Mike McGowan [E-Mail: ] by 30 June/31 July. These nominations come in from the BDE OIC’s and consist of the various Valor award winners for each Brigade. Please be specific why this individual stands out from all the others in the Corps.  All we have to go on for review is what you send us.  Be specific, but also be concise. Don’t let someone’s nomination fall by the wayside by not providing enough info.

* “All” nominations for the Commander/Starfleet’s ‘Starfleet Cross’ need to be to me NLT by 30 June/31 July. The address is MGN Jari James, Commandant/SFMC E-Mail:  or] .  For those who are not familiar with this award, here’s the info from the Marine Force Manual.

Issuing Authority: Commander, Starfleet
Frequency: As needed (one award per marine per year maximum)
Cadets Eligible for Award: No
This award is given by the Commander, Starfleet to recognize a marine who has rendered exceptional service to STARFLEET in general—either by demonstrating consistently outstanding performance over time, or by performing a particular task or service to a high standard of excellence.

Anyone can nominate a Marine for this award; this is not something awarded to someone for merely doing their regular duty. This is an individual who has stepped out of the boundaries of the Corps alone to do things that help SFI as a whole. If you nominate someone, please explain why you feel their deserve it. The nomination list will be compiled by me and go to FADM Robert Westfall for his review and decisions.  Again, don’t make either of us waste time recontact you to pull more information out of you.

* Review the awards section in the MFM and online to see if there are any other awards someone may be worthy of. By this I’m speaking of awards issued by various members of the General Staff [Dant, FORCECOM, TRACOM, SGM/SFMC, INFOCOM ].  Many of these can be issued at any time throughout the year, but receiving recognition at IC/Marine Muster simply makes things sweeter.

That’s all for now. Keep it safe out there and be nice to each other.

Stand Easy, Marines.

MGN Jari L. James

Addenda to the State of the Corps for June 2017

A tip of the beret to the Sar’Major of the Corps, MGSGT Stoddard, for catching the little error in upcoming nomination dates.

‘All’ nominations for Honor Awards [the DepDant], the Starfleet Cross [the Dant] and anything you’d like to see go out at the International Marine Muster [COFORCECOM] must be to their respective parties _no later then_ 30 June/1 July.  Not 30 June/31 July as previously posted.

Just because the Dant had a Heat Induced Brain Fade you do not get the extra 31 days of July to do paperwork.

Keep it safe out there no matter the season.


MGN Jari James




State of FORCECOM June 2017

State of FORCECOM June 2017

Fellow Marines!

Brigade Muster season is drawing to a close.  With only one or two musters left on the schedule, all eyes are now turning to the International Conference, and Marine Muster.  With the Awards Office issuing out over 700 awards, and streamers since the beginning of the year, it might behoove every Marine with a swagger to log into the SFI Database, and check to ensure your record is up to date!  If there is something missing, or incorrectly documented, contact your Brigade OIC at the soonest.  We all want to make sure we’re looking our best at mess this year!!

Of course, I’m talking primarily about awards, and while on that topic, let’s talk about nominations.  There are reports about occasional problems using the online award nomination forms found on the SFMC Website.  Occasionally the nominations are not being processed properly by the website’s addon program.  If you are submitting a recommendation for an award, you will receive a copy of your recommendation via the email you provided with the recommendation.  If you do not receive this email, your recommendation was not processed.  If the award was a brigade level award, contact your OIC immediately so the problem can be forwarded to the appropriate personnel.

If you experience this issue, and after reporting it to your chain of command, you can always fill out a manual awards recommendation form, and email it to your Brigade OIC.  The forms are available from your OIC, or you may contact me directly at, and I will forward you the proper forms.

Let it be known, Marines, time is running out to get those nominations in.  Your OICs have been given a directive to have STARFLEET Cross nominations to the Dant, and all Honor awards to the DepDant by June 26.  All lesser awards need to be forwarded to me not later than 30 June.  Remember, anyone can recommend another Marine for an award.  If you feel there is a Marine deserving, refer to the Marine Forces Manual for the proper award, and get a recommendation turned in!!

There are a number of projects on the table here at Forces Command.  I would like to make mention of just a couple.  Our 50-meter target project is the annual SFMC Dress Mess and Muster, that is to take place during the International Conference.  I, along with a few Project Officers, have been tapped to bring to you a high-quality mess dinner, and equally entertaining muster brief.  We’re busy thinking outside the box, bringing into play what will be a memorable, and enjoyable weekend for our Marines.

Another pocket project that we’ve been keeping close to our armored vests is the upcoming Physical Challenge.  I know there are many questions, but we are still working diligently to work out the fine details in a proposal to the Dant, which we hope will be the keystone of our presentation at Marine Muster.  The late-night oil is being requisitioned thru the Quartermaster, and will be burned until the proposal is complete and sitting front and center on the Dant’s desk.

I know there’s a bunch more projects written 3×5 cards, and strung together on a grenade ring around here somewhere, but I will leave you with these two ‘cause, honestly, they’re the big ones right now.  I would really like to see as many Marines as we can, well.. muster at IC this year.  Perhaps talk a bunch of bull stuffing, toss down a challenge coin or two, and make IC17 an event every Marine, and particularly every Fleeter, will remember. Oorah!?


Rock Steady, Marines!


COL Brian “Tusker’ Allen

State of INFOCOM May 2017

State of INFOCOM May 2017

Greetings Marines,

This is just a reminder this is the last day fir submission for the Attention on Deck! /Attention on Deck! Extra editor.  If you are interested in applying for this position, please send me an email with you experience in relation to this position today.  If you are interested in applying and need more time just let me know and I’ll see what I can do, for those who have applied I will be contacting you soon to discuss your application.

Sorry for the shortness of this report but I’m on vacation so my access is somewhat limited.  I hope to be ready to deploy the new site soon.  I will give everyone as much notice as possible before the changeover.

If any Marine will be attending IC and/or the Marine mess that has some photography expertise and is willing to take some photos of Marines, please let me know.  We have had some requests for photos and we would like additional photos for the website.  If you are interested please let me know.
As always if you have any questions, please let me know.  I’ll get back to
you as soon as I can.

In closing, here’s the pingdom stats for April 2017.

Uptime: 99.69%
Outages: 2
Downtime: 75m
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Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Lieutenant General, SFMC
Team Delta