State of Forces Command July 2017

State of Forces Command July 2017

Fellow Marines!

We are one month from International Muster, and Mess! As many of you know, I was directed by our commandant, Major General Jari James, to plan and coordinate our events, and I think we are going to have a bit of fun! With a month to go, there is still time to make plans to attend – head on over to the IC2017 Facebook page, or to the committee’s website and register. While you are there, have a look at some of the swag that’s available for sale… that pint glass sounds pretty sweet!

If you are unable to attend, all functions will be available to the general membership via live streaming. Details on the ‘how’ will be released as we get closer to the start of conference. For those already registered, you should have received a Dress Mess read-ahead that details what happens from the first rap of the gavel, to the last. If you haven’t received your read-ahead, or you would just like a copy, please contact me directly at COFORCECOM, and I will send one out immediately.

There was a bit of discussion about uniform guidance that was put out earlier, and I would like to clarify. The Class C, black Battle Dress Uniform, is a field uniform to be worn when on official SFMC events, away teams, landing parties and exercises. The International Muster is a formalized event, and the wear of the Class C BDU is strongly discouraged, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it. If all you have is your BDUs… wear them Marine, and be proud.

The Class A uniform, or formal civilian attire are to be worn while attending the Dress Mess. I know there are some who do not have a fancy Class A uniform, so what does formal civilian attire mean? Well, it means anything from a suit and tie, to a nice collared shirt, and trousers to a summer dress. Even a black polo and nice pants counts as formal! Bottom line up front is we don’t want anyone to think they cannot attend mess or muster because they do not have a uniform!

Last word on Mess and Muster – I hope to see you there!

What’s been going on around our offices?

SFMC Physical Challenge – due to a very lukewarm response, I will be delaying my SFMC PC proposal to the ‘Dant. But, that doesn’t mean the challenge is dead and adrift. You may see an incarnation of the program pop up in the near future, as we work to define and refine the proposal… stay tuned!

Ecerts Officer – the application window is open until the end of the month! Look for the requirements posted on the Corps list, the SFMC Facebook page, or email me!

Heraldry Office – We’ve begun to collect all MSG/MEU logos and are building an image repository! We’ve also begun to collect all unit information such as nicknames, and mottos so that we may save it for our future posterity. WE WILL NEED A HERALDRY OFFICER come post-IC timeframe! If you have an interest in graphic arts, design, and can work with trademark, copyright and fair use law we will be needing you!!!

My next ‘State of’ will be posted later in August, as I will be a busy having a great time at IC. I’ll be sure to post pics, give a blow by blow commentary on the foolishness. In closing, I would like to impress upon you there are great things just over the horizon for the Corps, and I want to see every Marine, boots on ground, moving forward as we strive to complete our mission!!

Charlie Mike, Marines!


COL Brian “Tusker’ Allen