State of TRACOM September 2017

State of TRACOM September 2017

Hello Everyone, I want to first send my thought and prayers for Everyone in the areas of Hurricane Harvey and also in Hurricane Irma’s Path

All Directors have been working hard and continuing to service students completing courses and requests. I would like to point out that there were a few issues that have been coming up lately. First, all directors want to ensure that every course is completed and you receive courses in a timely manner.

All Marines are expected to complete PD-100 first. Upon a passing grade, Marines can request and complete other courses. I understand that the PD director has had some real world and e-mail issues recently. I was given an update and she should be up and ready to fully perform her duties at this time.

Second, I have been informed that there were some issues recently with getting courses sent out to the marines in a timely manner. Additionally, that some marines reported that they did not get a receipt from the academy routing system. I informed these issues should be resolved now. IF there is any concerns please follow the following process: Attempt to contact the specific course director, if no answer inform command leadership. Any one of us take this seriously and will work to complete and fix the issue as soon as possible. Command team consists of Myself, MG Brian Landry (DCO-ADMIN), Sergeant Major John Radle(TRACOM SGM),MG Julie McGowan (DCO Training-Doctrine). Lastly, TRACOM and INFOCOM are discussing possible changes to the SFMC TRACOM Website.

I am looking into changing some courses that were previously closed I am looking into material to bring them back. I also looking into the other directors and engaging in updates to the courses. If there is courses of topics that you think that might be good for the corps Please send them out.

Tips and tools. Please routinely take a look at your Database record. It is your record for you SFI Career. It is always hard to send your certificates to you if e-mail is correct. Additionally, If you’re missing a ribbon or badge that you feel your qualified for, please send in your request to us for review.

August 2017 Statistics are:
All College directors reported 100%
We had 113 course test requests sent.
We had 78 Tests Graded
Test requests completed in an average of 572 Hours
Tests were graded in an average of 614 hours
ADC Director reported for August there were 76 certificates. 7 IET ribbons and 7 AEA awards.

Well, that about wraps it up.

Until next month…

Shane Russell
CO,USS Orion
OIC, 229th MSG