State of INFOCOM September 2017

State of INFOCOM September 2017

Greetings Marines,

I have almost completely recovered from the hurricane.  The last thing to get repaired in my washer. I guess it took a power surge and the main board needs to be replaced.  The good news is it is still under warranty the bad news is, it took over a week to get the replacement part.  I hope to have this resolved by the end of the week.  Fingers crossed.

It never fails, the best laid plans.  I was hoping I would have a decision on the Attention on Deck! /Attention on Deck Extra editor position by now but the storm has push that out for a couple more weeks.  I will be making a decision as soon as I can.

The deployment for the new SFMCA website was also delayed.  My testing isn’t completed but once it is, I’ll let everyone know when the new deployment date will be.

As always if you have any questions, please let me know.  I’ll get back to
you as soon as I can.

In closing, here’s the pingdom stats for August 2017.

Uptime: 99.70%
Outages: 3
Downtime:  2h 15m 33s
Response time: 762 ms

Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Lieutenant General, SFMC
Team Delta