State of TRACOM November 2017

State of TRACOM November 2017

Hello everyone,
SFMC TRACOM has been very busy this month. We have had some new directors come on board. I appreciate everyone’s efforts and also their continued studies from SFMC TRACOM this month. I know that there has been a lot of issues and questions this month. I want to answer them within the context of the State of TRACOM Report below. As always please feel free to request clarification or if you have questions related to SFMC TRACOM anytime. I have an Open Door/open email policy. I am always open to concerns, thoughts and feedback.

Hail and Farewells
First, I want to thank COL Faith Steinberg for her service as ADC Director.
I have always respected and appreciated her selfless service for her MSG, Chapter, and SFMC TRACOM. Thanks you Col. – You stand relieved.

Gen Barbara Paul is Assuming SFMC TRACOM ADC Director duties effective immediately. She has a lot of experience and insight for Training Serving in many Different rolls with the Starfleet Academy. We are still working on some issues with her being able to e-mail everyone. But, I am very thankful and appreciate her stepping up fulfilling the ADC Director Duties. Welcome Aboard and thank you.

The OD School will be on Modified duty this month Larry French will be out of pocket From November 8th -22.

I want to thank my Fellow Veterans this Month. As we are thankful for their Service, we celebrate their lives keeping Freedom’s frontier free.

Hot Topics

I have also been made aware of various issues that have been unfortunate to student’s not getting requests or course completion notices. I first wants to thank the Students that came to us.
**Course Request and Grading issues**
I apologize for the issues with students not getting their requests. We are looking at this internally and hope to have this resolved. I believe part of it may be due to an error in the routing of the requests to various director emails. We are looking at this. In the meantime if you have sent a request and it does not get sent to you, please reach out to the instructor and if needed to CC myself or one of my DCO’s to the e-mail. We will follow up and work to resolve this. I understand that this has been a bit frustrating, but we are internally working on the issue. We want to work and resolve these and all issues immediately and appropriately.

**Course Grading and Request for actual Answers. ** Many of the Directors are working on revising various tests and manuals. I know that there has been comments made about Directors giving able to give out Answers once a Marine has passed course. If anyone has been informed that Directors can give out answers to questions Missed, this is incorrect.
We have to be fair and not give anyone else an unfair advantage. At the same token, if anyone has taken a course and not received a grade, please reach out to the individual director. If no response, please contact the specific director or myself or DCO-Admin, we will follow up. At the same token, I have charged SGM John Radle to be available when needed also.

**Issues with Test wording or topics within the tests** Anyone is always open to constructive criticism, however, we should all remember that this is for fun and understanding. Many of us may not be experts in speech or written English. My College professor always told me to do your best and continue to get better. Please keep this in mind, many of the directors periodically are working and revising the tests. Please ensure that your reviewing the material presented in the Manuals and other course materials that you’re given. I want to always be sure that we have marines that are completing course to the best of their abilities.

TRACOM Awards, Devices vs. Other awards
When requesting awards or Devices, please ensure that you requesting it to the correct Department. If you or unsure or unclear you can always research the Award in the MFM. In the MFM there is a portion if it that is specific to the Respective Awarding authority. I want to make sure your request is handled correctly and in a timely Manner. COFORCECOM,I, and your BDE OIC’s are always happy to follow up and make sure you get your award.

Reporting Stats for the month of October 2017 Departments Reporting: 100% Total Requests Sent: 125 Total tests Graded and sent: 93 Overall request average: 12.17 Days Overall Return Average: 2.76 Days Certificates sent out to students: 93 Ribbons/ devices sent out: 14

See you all on the Bounce!

Shane Russell
OIC, 229th MSG
CO, USS Orion Region 12