State of FORCECOM December 2017

State of FORCECOM December 2017

Fellow Marines!

Promised a short report so…

As reported in the last ‘State of’ delivery from Forces Command, we here at the head shed are conducting membership, and award audits in preparation for the ‘Dant’s first of the year report.

And, while the membership audit hasn’t begun in earnest, the awards audit has been completed.  I am proud to report a few stats that may interest you:

Since September 2015, the Corps has issued 3,512 awards, streamers, and commendations.  Of those, only 81 are currently being labeled as unidentified, meaning they’re in the database, and the accountability trackers, but the entries may be erroneous.  Most likely the award acronym is incorrect, and the program can’t find the award.  Just means we must put

human eyes on the trackers to find them.   By the way… that’s only a 2% error.

I’ll post a reminder after the first of the year, but it’s almost Commandant’s Campaign award time again!  If you’ve been tracking your eligible hours, please ensure you report those hours in your February report.  I will be going thru the reports, and writing nominations to be forwarded to the Commandant for approval.

Recently, there have been many questions concerning all the challenges.  If you visit the SFMC website at: you will find more information.  When determining your eligible hours for the Commandant’s Campaign award, service with the follow charities, or their international equivalent, is counted:

USMC-R Toys for Tots, Special Olympics, March for the Disabled, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals If you have questions about eligibility contact your chain of command, or me directly.

I know things are slowing down for the brigades, and units as we slide into the holiday season, and I fully expect folks to take time away from SFI, and the SFMC to enjoy the festivities with family, and friends.  As of Monday, December 18th, Forces Command will be on half day schedule, and will be answering emergency hails only.

And, as we roll into the new year, I ask each of you to think about the direction you would like to see your unit, or the Corps, take as we enter 2018.  I’ve received many great ideas that will hopefully come to fruition over the next several months.  Remember, some ideas are innovative ideas… some are not so good.  When you see a problem, something that can be improved, or fixed, answer this question: ‘Does it affect the SFMC, or just my unit?’  If it affects only your unit, find the answer and apply it at the local level.  If it affects the Corps in entirety, push it thru the chain of command.  Let’s see where we can go with it.

So, with that I say, meet you in the new year!!!!

To the Corps!!