State of FORCECOM January 2018

State of FORCECOM January 2018

Fellow Marines!

Late report.  Apologies.

Welcome to 2108!  Things have been super busy here at Forces Command as we try to wrap up all the yearend Corps membership, and awards program audits along with proposals to the General Staff, the establishment of the Corps Office of Heraldry, and (our favorite) manual revisions!

So, in keeping with the battle rhythm of the past two months – let’s not beat about, and dive straight into the good stuff…

On a personal note –

This is going to a high OPTEMPO year for me personally, as my wife and I are moving to Europe, specifically Germany, at the end of this year.  Think of all that goes into a move across town, or to another state, and multiply the complexity.  Your Brigade OICs have already received the warning order, and are prepared for adjustments in timelines, and response times from the offices here at Forces Command.  I do not foresee our move causing any delays in turn-arounds in awards, or administrative actions, but I ask you to plan well ahead in both areas.  Please, understand, and have patience as we progress thru the year, and the move.

Reporting –

This past month, the GS approved the Forces Command proposal for changes in the reporting format.  Our focus was to make reporting easier, more concise, and mirror more closely information as it is presented in the SFMC database.  Your Brigade OICs have been informed of the changes, provided with not only a text version of the changes, but an example manual report form as well.  If you are an OIC, unit or battalion, make sure to contact your brigade higher for all the details and guidance.  If you have been on the SFMC website, and looked at the online report forms you will find our battle buddies at INFOCOM have adjusted the forms to reflect the change. (

Remember, the first reports of 2018 are due on the first day of February so touch base with your higher headquarters immediately!!

Heraldry –

Join me in welcoming to the Forces Command staff, Colonel Derek Allen, who was selected to fill the billet of Corps Heraldry Officer last November.

In the time since, Colonel Allen has been extremely busy collating all unit information (unit, battalion, brigade) into the Corps archive…  but he needs your help!

From brigade down to unit, the Office of Heraldry needs your unit information, and history.  Specifically need are any logs, and unit histories – fiction, and nonfiction!  We’ve been reaching out over the past few months and requesting this information, but we really want to make 2018 the year we ‘get ‘er done’.

Sit down with your unit if you’re an OIC, or pester your OIC if you’re a

member Marine, and develop your unit histories.   Nonfiction histories

should include important dates, names of OICs/DOICs, old member rosters, notable Marines, any special awards issued (Gold/Silver Nebula, any Honor awards, Legions of Merit, Meritorious Unit Commendations), and anything else you would like to add.  Fictional histories are limited only by your imagination, and a little Trek canon (wink, wink).

What are we going to do with all this information?  Once the archive is built, I’ve given guidance to develop plans to publish the data to the web via a couple platforms – as an interactive page on the SFMC website, or as part of a larger SFI/SFMC Wiki.

So, gather up your unit information, and forward it to COL Allen as soon as possible at  .


Commandant’s Campaign Award –

It’s that time of year again!! Every Marine who donates at least 4 hours of their time and energy in support of any of the qualifying charities (or international equivalent) is eligible to receive the Commandant’s Campaign Ribbon.

Unit OICs must ensure member total volunteer hours are reported on the Unit’s bi-monthly report.  We would like to present the full list of names to the Commandant by end of month February, so if you haven’t tallied your members’ hours make sure to do so, and report them in February’s report.

Qualifying charities include the USMC Toys for Tots, the Special Olympics, the Sergeant Major’s March for the Disabled, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

If there’s a question on the validity of the international equivalent, please email me at


More on awards –

Over the next few months, as we move from Spring to early Summer, we also move into the Brigade Muster season.  If your brigade is planning to muster in the next 180 days I urge you to consolidate your unit awards and forward them to your OIC as soon as possible.  It’s better to have them sitting on your OICs desk, and not being asked to submit them at the last moment.


Forward into ’18 –

What else is on the horizon?

The Corps is currently working on manual revisions and will be doing so for at least the first part of the new year.  What can you as a member do to help?  There are times when we in the GS don’t know there are issues in the manual.  If you find an issue with spelling, syntax, or clarity of a portion of any manual, please forward those portions thru your brigade HQ so they may be addressed.

We’ve received a few messages from the field, but I urge you to keep them coming.  These are your manuals, take a bit of ownership, and ensure they express guidelines, and standards in a way that is easily understood, and easier to follow.  Dig in, and as we sometimes say…  READ THE MANUAL!!

One Corps program that’s been on the uptake is the Wilderness Challenge and the results have been great!  I’ve been privy to at least three challenges that are either in the planning phases or moving quickly into the bidding phase for approval.  If you haven’t heard of the Wilderness Challenge have a look at the manual ( and see if it might be something you may want to see happen within your brigade!

Better yet, spearhead the effort to jumpstart the challenge in your brigade.  The Wilderness Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to share not only fellowship, but to spur physical and mental activity.  It is a terrific way to meet other members, and to share in a little ‘hardship’ to strengthen friendship bonds.  In doing so, you can only make your brigade, and unit stronger!


To close –

Now that the end of the year mania has passed, folks are returning from vacations and holidays, and even with the uptick of activity personally, look for more awesome things to happen in the Corps.  Remember, tho, no matter how many projects are in the air, how many programs are initiated, the success or failure of our club begins and starts with you.  Only the membership can make a group great so lace up your boots, and let’s get Trekkin’!

To the Corps!!

BDR B. ‘Tusker’ Allen

Forces Command





State of The SGM SFMC January 2018

State of The SGM SFMC January 2018

Greetings, Marines!

Let’s dust off the booth in the back in the corner in the dark of my local NCO club where the remains of the cup of coffee and cinnamon roll I left after our last visit have apparently developed a civilization all their own that’s just short of applying for Federation membership, and the staff’s excuse for not cleaning it up revolves around the Prime Directive, which may result in a General Order 24 situation developing.

Since some of you may have noticed a subtle but important difference in the header of this report, let’s cut straight to the chase: my current STARFLEET membership expires on March 22, 2018, and I will not be renewing it. This is not a “rage quit” … this is simply me deciding after a great deal of thought and consideration regarding my own physical and mental health that it’s time to retire both as SGM SFMC and from SFI. I informed the Dant and Depdant a few months ago that this was probably coming, but that I would hold off on making any formal announcement to give me time to be absolutely sure, and then make that announcement far enough in advance to allow for a stable transition for the office.

Now as to the “why?”, in a nutshell … I’m done … burned out … used up … hammered down. I’ve been on the GS for  just shy of 10 years, and right now, my health and personal situation require all of what little strength I  have left. Without going into details that are on a Need to Know basis, starting a couple of years ago, things got rough and have gotten even rougher around here in my little corner of the Middle of Nowhere. Something has to give, and in this case, it’s a hobby that has all too often been a source of stress that can literally kill me.

In the past, I have mentioned publicly a few times that SFMC doesn’t stand for “STARFLEET Martyr’s Collective”. I have urged others to make sure their Life, Personal-One Each comes first and foremost.  It’s time I did the same.  And, in my case, I need to walk away completely. Half measures won’t cut it.

This decision was not made easily or lightly, and I gave myself plenty of chances to find some compelling reason to  change my mind. In the end, though, the only thing I could come up with was some of the truly wonderful people and friendships that have come into my life through my time in STARFLEET, and they’ll still be there even if we don’t belong to the same fan club any more. This decision is what’s best not only for me, but for the SFMC – it’s time for someone who still has that fierce dedication that I have lost along the way to step up and step into the job.

Now, I’m sure some of you  that are eligible are going to be hesitant to apply for the opening – I’m told I’ll be leaving some pretty big boots to fill (size 13 W, if you must know) – and there’s a good chance I’ll be doing a little private arm twisting on some folks that should give it a shot. But, please remember that 10 years ago, I was just an obscure E-9 from the middle of nowhere, and the first of the four Commandants I have been privileged to serve under gave me a chance to prove myself- not just to the SFMC but to that guy in the mirror as well. You could surprise everybody … especially yourself. Please give it some thought.

There are far too many people for me to thank from the past ten years in the space I have allotted myself for this message (pretty much ALL of you reading this, officers and enlisted alike), so consider this a blanket shout out and maybe even a respectful salute.  If I have been in any way exceptional over the years, it’s because I had the examples of a lot of exceptional individuals to guide me.  Bravo Zulu to you all! And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the past decade.

In Service and in Friendship,

MGSGT Jerome A. “Gunny Hawk” Stoddard

Sergeant Major of the STARFLEET  Marines


State of TRACOM January 2018

State of TRACOM January 2018

Hello Marines,

I send best wishes and hope that everyone had a great Holiday and new year. SFMC TRACOM has been a busy command over the last month. We are internally looking at various Policies, manuals, processes, and recently updating the SFMC Academy website. I want to Thank COINFOCOM, Mark Anderson, For his help with that. I am sure that we will be a lot easier to see and read. If they is any concerns or suggestions were look to hear from them. I want to thank everyone’s input and student’s continuing education.

I do want to share a few topics of concern that have come across my desk recently. The first is requesting courses. I have been hearing that students are requesting courses I know that this is frustrating at times.
Just as colonial soldiers go through basic training, all SFMC Marines must complete the PD-100 course. Once you complete that, you can take courses per individual course guidelines ore requirements. If there is any issues on getting results on courses, please reach out.

There has been some issues with the routing of course requests, and getting responses back to Marines. I believe that this has been resolved. However, if you have requested a course and you have not gotten a response from the individual director. Please reach out to the director, if that does not work please reach out to the senior staff. We want to make sure you get your requested courses.

December 2017 Stats

*Reporting Percentage:* 90.9%

*Total Test Requests Sent:* 100

*Total Test Grades Sent:* 70

*Overall Request Average:* 120 Hours

*Overall Return Average: 120* hours

CY 2017 SFMC Academy Totals

1046 – Course Graduations

11 – College Graduations

146 – Number of Students

276 – Branch Devices and Academic Awards earned

As Always, Thank you to all of the staff, and students for their hard work and support of SFMC TRACOM

\\Original Signed\\

Shane Russell

OIC, 229th MSG

CO, USS Orion-


State of FINCOM December 2017

State of FINCOM December 2017

Well now we have just finished getting Food for Thanksgiving and preparing for more food for Christmas. And talking about Christmas, it is that time of the year to think about getting gifts.

One thing to think about is to head on over to the SFMC Quartermaster site and order a little something for that SFMC Marine in your life. We have Ribbons, Pins, Pens, Portfolios, etc. Come on over to and check it out.

​FINCOM REPORT​ – December 2017

STARFLEET Marines Account

Opened the month of December with a balance of $9,117.89
Credits equaled -$169.04
Debits equaled – $29.60
Closed the month of December with a balance of $9,257.33

breakdown of Credits
Paypal transfer – December amount – $150.38
Check – $18.66

breakdown of debits
USPS – $29.60 quartermaster postage


Quartermaster sales

​5 Orders

Merchandise – 102.30
Shipping Charged – 38.70
paypal fee – 4.76
Actual Shipping – 29.60
Florida Tax – 0.60

SFMC Scholarship Account

Opened the month of November with a balance of $2,737.05
Credits equaled $0.05
Debits – $0
Closed the month of November with a balance of $2,737.10

Reported by Linda Olson

Brigadier General TJ Allen, COFINCOM

STARFLEET Marine Corps Quartermaster, Supplying the STARFLEET Marine