State of TRACOM January 2018

State of TRACOM January 2018

Hello Marines,

I send best wishes and hope that everyone had a great Holiday and new year. SFMC TRACOM has been a busy command over the last month. We are internally looking at various Policies, manuals, processes, and recently updating the SFMC Academy website. I want to Thank COINFOCOM, Mark Anderson, For his help with that. I am sure that we will be a lot easier to see and read. If they is any concerns or suggestions were look to hear from them. I want to thank everyone’s input and student’s continuing education.

I do want to share a few topics of concern that have come across my desk recently. The first is requesting courses. I have been hearing that students are requesting courses I know that this is frustrating at times.
Just as colonial soldiers go through basic training, all SFMC Marines must complete the PD-100 course. Once you complete that, you can take courses per individual course guidelines ore requirements. If there is any issues on getting results on courses, please reach out.

There has been some issues with the routing of course requests, and getting responses back to Marines. I believe that this has been resolved. However, if you have requested a course and you have not gotten a response from the individual director. Please reach out to the director, if that does not work please reach out to the senior staff. We want to make sure you get your requested courses.

December 2017 Stats

*Reporting Percentage:* 90.9%

*Total Test Requests Sent:* 100

*Total Test Grades Sent:* 70

*Overall Request Average:* 120 Hours

*Overall Return Average: 120* hours

CY 2017 SFMC Academy Totals

1046 – Course Graduations

11 – College Graduations

146 – Number of Students

276 – Branch Devices and Academic Awards earned

As Always, Thank you to all of the staff, and students for their hard work and support of SFMC TRACOM

\\Original Signed\\

Shane Russell

OIC, 229th MSG

CO, USS Orion-