State of TRACOM February 2018

State of TRACOM February 2018

Good Afternoon Marines!

As many of you have seen and heard in my recent posts. There have been a few changes recently in SFMC TRACOM. I want to thank MGN McGowan for her years of service as PD Director. I am working on covering the load as PD Director, while I am receiving applications for SFMC PD Director.  I am going to open the position for the next few weeks. I will receive applications until March 11. I will post the position within a week after that.  I want to put this out. I hold TRACOM at a high standard. We are the ones that must be vigilant and hold a high standard of Communication with our Marines. I have always held this when I first became a member of SFMC TRACOM.  I expect nothing less from anyone in TRACOM at any level.

I have been COTRACOM for a little over 1 year now. When I first accepted this position a few opening topics that I wanted to tackle. I will let everyone be the judge if I have achieved or worked hard to accomplish them: they are:
Plans for TRACOM

*Continued communications and resolutions of issues in a timely manner. I.e. issues regarding Tests graded and reported issues.

 *Revision of Manuals and tests. We will review and revise manuals and tests as needed. This will take some time, but I would like to work on updating them. 

 I will be looking for beta testing help on this- further details will be at a later date

We here at the Head shed are looking at various manuals that could use some revision or better understanding. I am also looking at various manuals that we provide input on, to make sure that those are updated and easy reading. I working with individual directors to see if we need to look at revising them also. I understand the pulse out there that some stuff is hard to understand or read. We are looking at seeing what we can do through Techniques, tactics, Procedures to resolve this. I will be posting some updates on manuals at they are ready. I believe that the first one will be the revised medical manual. Which will be out shortly.

We had a good month of actively in both requests requested and sent. We additionally had a good turnout of tests completed this month.

End of month Stats are:

100% Reporting on all Directors

Total test requests was 149

Total tests graded 112

Average Test requests sent within 34.56 hours

Average test grade turnaround is 44.81 hours


SFMC PD Director Applications:

I am accepting applications for PD Director.

  1. a) Applications must have completed all Courses in the PD Branch
  2. b) Have reliable communication to email and computer access (this is a must, since we communication mostly via email and computer for accepting requests and grading tests
  3. c) Have prior experience with SFMCA/ SFA is preferred but not required
  4. d) Not afraid to ask questions or seek help when needed.
  5. e) If possible send a Starfleet resume (if possible)

Send applications to myself no later then March 11, 2018. Send them to

Thank you


// Original Signed//

Shane Russell

OIC, 229th MSG
CO, USS Orion


State of FINCOM January 2018

State of FINCOM January 2018

I had a rough week fighting the flu but I guess I was to stubborn to stay down against them.

Elon Musk shot his 2018 Telsa Roadster into space aboard the SPACE X rocket.

Now to the report
STARFLEET Marines Account

Opened the month of January with a balance of $9257.33
Credits equaled -$157.66
Debits equaled – $39.42
Closed the month of January with a balance of $9375.57

breakdown of Credits
Paypal transfer – January amount – $157.66
breakdown of debits
USPS – $34.20 quartermaster postage
Walmart – 5.22 envelopes for shipping


SFMC Scholarship Account

Opened the month of January with a balance of $2,737.10
Credits equaled $.05
Debits – $0
Closed the month of January with a balance of $2,737.15

Breakdown of Quartermaster sales for January.

Orders 7

Merchandise – 118.77
Shipping Charged – 42.59
paypal fee – 5.65
Actual Shipping – 34.50

Reported by Linda Olsen

That is all for my report
Brigadier General TJ Allen

State of INFOCOM January 2018

State of INFOCOM January 2018

Greetings Marines,

I deployed the new SFMCA website about a month ago and It’s fully functional.  It is using the new email system like the SFMC site.  We will be making site improvements as we go along.

A word about Yahoo and AOL email addresses.  These seem to be the most difficult to deliver email to and get email from.  Even via Google the email sometimes is still getting rejected by some email providers.  It’s not as bad as in the past coming from Dreamhost but it still happens.  My suggestion is if you have a Yahoo or AOL email address and want to receive email from any of the SFMC websites is to get a free Gmail account.  These seem to be the easiest to work with and the spam filtering is about the best out there.  Not that I’m trying to push Gmail on anyone, it just seems to work better when it comes to getting email from the SFMC websites.

It has been pointed out that all the archives are not displaying on the news page.  I brought over all the reports from the old site that go back several years.  I’ll see if I can get that fixed this weekend.

Also join me in welcoming Captain Robin Fleming onboard as the new attention on deck editor.

We will be talking and coming up with a plan very soon.  I’ll keep everyone posted on any new developments.

As always if you have any questions, please let me know.  I’ll get back to
you as soon as I can.

In closing, here’s the pingdom stats for November 2017.

Uptime: 100%
Outages: 0
Downtime:  0m
Response time: 785 ms
Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Lieutenant General, SFMC
Team Delta