State of TRACOM March 2018

State of TRACOM March 2018

Greetings marines, I wish that everyone a happy Easter holiday coming up. I wish you, your marines, and families the best wishes. I have recovering form spending times with members at the Region 12 summit. “Family Reunion”

as it was titled was defiantly lived up to t it. I enjoyed the quality times with old friends, acquaintances, and new ones.  I appreciated the feedback and fellowship that everyone engaged with me.  I was honored to award 12th BDE awards at the request of the 12th BDE OIC Smiddy.  It is proof in point that when leadership calls, marines cover down to accomplish the mission. Congratulations to all Awardees.

I have implemented a few changes over the past month. When I recently took over Professional development. I did notice that we had some recordkeeping challenges to update. Both DCO Admin TRACOM and I looked over various aspects of the MURP and MOSC Program. We are working on updating that revising the recordkeeping in these areas. I did also find that we needed to review the MURP listing on the SFMCA Website. We are working on updating. I have noticed that some MURP qualified Units on the Website are not listed in the Database.  Some OIC’s have recently received e-mails from me requesting some information to clear up the errors. Additionally, I am working on updated MURP’s that have been sent. I apologize, I am working to clear up the lagging requests that have been sent but not resolved.

Logo’s & and Devices- I am currently reviewing various devices with the others in the Leadership chain. I know there are a few devices that are real world qualifications. We are working on reviewing these items. We want to be unique but also to follow the guidelines per VCS and CS. Any questions or concerns about this regarding TRACOM please contact me directly. I am also reviewing various other items within TRACOM.

Courses- Many marines recently received courses titled OD 152 and OD 153.  I approved the change in OD 151 into be split into 3 courses. At the request of the OD director I have approved the OD 151 split into 3 courses. This means the creation of each of these 3 courses containing 20 questions per. It is the OD 151 test, just split of OD 151 into 3 courses.

Additionally, I have taken and also been looking at various other courses and manuals to bring them up to date. Additionally, I have various directors that are looking at revising their course materials also. I appreciate every marines input. Additionally, I appreciate their continued service in TRACOM courses.

We are also looking at improvements in Professional Development. There are some Openings in SFMC TRACOM. Applications for SFMC TRACOM can be sent through this link :–48A33yFnlhCsZXDVKbFiemRuHGxQ/viewform

I sincerely appreciate and thank everyone’s feedback and also comments. I want to give and have a quality experience in your SFMC TRACOM Studies.

Shane Russell