State of FORCECOM March 2018

State of FORCECOM March 2018

Fellow Marines!

There sure has been quite a bit of chatter on the subspace channels this past month! Unless you’ve been hiding in a cargo container on Ceti Alpha V you know there has been a couple hot button issues brought to light lately that has placed a good deal of our Marines on edge. Of course, I am speaking of the Vice Commander, STARFLEET, and his dealings with the newly nom’d MACOs, and our beloved Corps, over trademark/copyright artwork, and protected images.

While the modus may have seemed nefarious to some, as though the VCS came out of the chute with his phasers on malky, there were conversations already taking place at the General Staff level. There’s a bigger picture to be seen that dates back to November 1982 and the inception of the Corps. Back then, the Marines that brought the Corps back to SFI didn’t have to deal with like stolen valor, and trademark, copyright and intellectual property infringement. But thanks to military groupie wanna-bes, and a little fan pic called Axanar everyone from the Veteran service member to CBS is on the prowl.

The Corps has been in a situation with the USMC, and as a result we made changes in our insignia. Now, with lawsuits on the wind, and blood in the water the Fleet and Corps are taking proactive steps to ensure we don’t travel down that same path. Fleet is looking into the use of certain, possibly copyright images in our artwork. Units of the Corps are validating the ownership of the artwork they currently claim and display, and there are talks of further changes in the future to bring the Corps back over the line from infringement to compliance.

One thing I don’t like is the rumor mill, and the game of ‘telephone’ (you remember the game, yeah?) So, to squash any rumor, mistaken comment, or assumption I’ll address a few of the issues that have come up the pipe from the field.

1. We are currently **ON HOLD** to remove any delta shape from our artwork. I was given guidance to stand down on previous directives until Fleet can research into the use of deltas, and other common Trek related shapes. I know there was a rush to flush put out only a week ago, and if you’ve already changed your artwork just hold what you got. Don’t toss your old artwork just yet, there may be good news on the horizon.

2. Do continue with the validation of ownership of your artwork. That guidance still stands. If you have any questions, contact your Brigade OIC or me directly.

3. We are not changing the color of the Battle Dress Uniform, or are we discontinuing wear of the BDU.

4. We are making changes to select BOS and qualification badges. The biggest change is the incorporation of the SFMC anchor in all BOS badges vice the delta, globe and anchor. The USMC agreed to allow us to continue to sell and wear insignia bearing the DGA until stocks are depleted. New stock will be corrected to include the SFMC anchor.

Any qualification badge that was based on a real-world military badge is being redesigned – specifically the medic badge, Leadership Qualifications, Aeromedical wings, and Advanced Leadership Studies. All new, SFMC distinctive badges are being suggested, designed and put before the General Staff for selection. More to follow as the project progresses.

If you have any questions or hear a rumor that sounds off remember to contact your chain of command and get the real skinny on what is going on – that includes me. As the member who is ultimately going to be affected by any changes made you should know exactly what is going on.

Ongoing Projects –

Commandant’s Campaign Award –
I’m throwing this out here again!! It’s the only major muscle movement going on at the FORCECOM HQ currently.

Every Marine who donates at least 4 hours of their time and energy in support of any of the qualifying charities (or international equivalent) is eligible to receive the Commandant’s Campaign Ribbon.

In looking at last year’s reports I found there were several entries across the reports stating units had participated in charities, like the Toys for Tots, but there were no individual member names. It’s important when reporting data for the Commandant’s Challenge we tap those members who participated so they can be properly recognized.

Again, qualifying charities include the USMC Toys for Tots, the Special Olympics, the Sergeant Major’s March for the Disabled, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or any international equivalent. If there’s a question on the validity of the international equivalent, please email me at

Open posts in Forces Command –

I’ll be working with Fleet to announce the opening of the Sergeant Major, Forces Command billet in the direct future. If you’re an NCO, think you have the chops to serve at the GS level keep your eyes and ears open for the announcement of the application period.

To close –
I say it every time I put up a report, the success or failure of our club begins and starts with you. It starts at the unit level with the individual member being active, making suggestions and making a difference. So once again, Marines, lace up your boots, and let’s get Trekkin’!

To the Corps!!

BDR B. ‘Tusker’ Allen
Forces Command