State of INFOCOM March 2018

State of INFOCOM March 2018

Greetings Marines,

I have a short report this month, so here we go.

I’ve been working on adding a picture archive back to the site.  I’m still looking at the plugin options and testing them out to see which one works best with WordPress.  I’ll keep everyone posted as I make progress.

I also changed the graphic on the start of reports from a combadge to the SFMC anchor.  I think that works better for our reports anyway.

As always if you have any questions, please let me know.  I’ll get back to
you as soon as I can.

In closing, here’s the pingdom stats for February 2018.

Uptime: 99.70%
Outages: 1
Downtime:  120 m
Response time: 884 ms

Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Lieutenant General, SFMC
Team Delta