State of TRACOM May 2018

State of TRACOM May 2018

It has been busy month in SFMC TRACOM. We had a new Director take over Professional development. We had some Directors that wanted to pass the touch on for their colleges to new Leadership. Senior TRACOM staff have been working hard on revising manuals in SFMC as a whole. Especially some of the Techniques, Tactics, and practices in SFMCA.   I also want to thank everyone’s input on various questions or items not listed, and at times appearing to be confusing in courses and the material. We are looking at clarifying and revising it. I also want to follow up and also Announce a few positions that will be opening up.  These openings are not to diminish or disrespect the directors that had held the reigns I am opening it up for new and fresh ideas and practices to be ran.

Additionally, we are looking at various copyrighted items that we have in the SFMC TRACOM right now. We are working on getting approval from the figures, pictures and other items That we do not have approval for. One such items is the figures and pictures in SFMC MECHA.  We are engaged in finding the previous given copyrighted usage approval from the owner. And Also trying to get updated approval for the current owners of the material. I do not have approval yet. However, SFMCA Mecha Director is working on trying to get it.

Devices and other medals that marines can wear are being reviewed per the CS/VCS directive this is taking some time. However, both Myself and the members of the General Staff are engaged in this endeavor. I am additionally revising various manuals and material that is not clear to SFMC Members.  I have also been working updating our manuals and updated practices. It is taking some time however,  we are still actively engaging in this endeavor. I am also working on various points regarding the SFMC Scholarship program. We are pushing hard to get this a reality again.

I am posting the following positions in SFMC TRACOM

  1. Xeno Romulan Director
  2. Combined Arms director
  3. Military history
  4. MOS / MURP Director

Applications can be sent through SFI HR Office.

As of right now i am planning on Attending IC this year. If anyone has any threats, comments, ideas, or issues please contact anyone of us. We are happy and eager to help.

April 2018 stats:

All colleges and departments reported in on time :100% success

Total Requests sent out : 42

Total of Tests Graded 30

Average time Tests were sent to members: 436.15 hours ( we are working on bettering that) Average Graded test time was: 393.91 hours ( we are working on that also)


Shane Russell



OIC,229th MSG