State of FORCECOM June 2018

State of FORCECOM June 2018

Fellow Marines!

Busy is just one of our watchwords here at Forces Command HQ. As I’ve reported previously there are several changes going on, and coming up – along with a lot of scuttlebutt flying around. I’ll keep this report short this month, and address where we are on some of those changes. If there’s something specific I don’t address, please make sure to push all questions up the chain for resolution. Most of all, please, don’t run on supposition, or rumor! If there are questions, ask!!!

One of the first high-vis missions we in the GS were given by the new VCS was to take a good, hard look at our badges, and insignia. We’ve had a few that trounced on that fine line dividing us and legal action, so the GS set a few priorities, convened a couple working groups and took to the task. I’m glad to report that we are ‘mission complete’ on our first four badges.

They are: The Field Medical Badge – formerly the Combat Medic Badge; the Advanced Studies Badge; the Leadership Qualification Badge; the Aeromedical Wings.

These four badges took priority over all others due to the fact each badge was simply a real-world military badge we painted up, and attached a delta. All other badges – branch insignia, and wings – will be updated from having the delta, globe, and anchor (DGA) insignia to the anchor/seal insignia as on-hand stocks are depleted in our Quartermaster stocks.

How does this affect wear of current badges? Well, if you are wearing one of the four newly designed badges (see above) you will need to replace them with a new one. Bearer of bad news, I know, but those badges represent a new legal and financial matter the Corps could be faced with in the future. All other badges, those with the DGA are, until further notice, still authorized for wear. Sure, we strongly suggest you replace them, but the real-world USMC understands folks have already purchased them for wear, it’s just that the Corps cannot continue to produce badges with the DGA insignia once current stocks are depleted. Just my opinion, but I’d replace them just to avoid future issues…

Currently, the GS is in the throws of designing a distinctive rank insignia system to replace the Army JROTC rank we currently wear – Officer, Warrant and Enlisted – as they are prohibited for us to wear by law (yeah, odd I agree). So again, we convened a working group and submitted three solid replacement insignia recommendations for the GS to decide upon, and forward to the VCS for approval. We are in the final phases right now, producing white papers for the VCS to have a look at, and approve prior to production.

And, how does this affect wear? For the time being Marines will continue to wear the current rank insignia in accordance with their rank and grade. However, bearing bad news once again, when the new ranks are approved and produced all members will have to replace their current rank insignia with the new insignia. Again, our current system represents a new legal, and financial matter the Corps could be face with.

So, what’s with all the secrecy, right? When will the new designs be unveiled for the membership to see? The answer: post 2018 International Muster. International Muster represents our annual milestone, and we’d like to start our new operational year with a new look for the Corps in badges and rank insignia. By then all badges should be approved, and (hopefully) in production, ready for purchase, and showcasing during your next Brigade Muster, and IM’19. How about that?

To close I’d like to remind all OICs that I, along with Household 6, are still currently exploring Region 9 and will be doing so until just after International Muster. Annual Corps awards are priority one! Don’t procrastinate, get ‘em done, and get ‘em in!!! Recognize all of the great Marines that make our club great as well!


BDR B. Allen
Forces Command