State of INFOCOM September and October 2018

Greetings Marines,

Sorry I missed last month’s report, I had a four day stay at the VA hospital.  Let’s just say it was no vacation.  I’m back to work now and I’m feeling much better.

I have been doing some upgrades on the SFMC Website forms, I hope this will help with some of the issues we have seen. Just remember, if the section has a * then that is a required field and you have to make a selection or put the proper information in that field.  The Battalion and Brigade fields are very important.  Make sure you make the correct selections because these are the email addresses the form will be submitted to.  You should also receive a copy of the report via email if you are the reporting officer and you put your email address in the form as the reporting officer.

If you have any questions or run in to any issues, please let me know.  The more information you can provide about the issue the better.

In closing, here’s the pingdom stats for August and September 2018.


Uptime: 100%
Outages: 0
Downtime:  0 m
Response time: 972 ms


Uptime: 100%
Outages: 0
Downtime:  0 m
Response time: 897 ms


Mark “Slayer” Anderson
Lieutenant General, SFMC
Team Delta