Deputy Commandant

combadge Deputy Commandant (DEPDANT)


Deputy Commandant (DEPDANT)
Lieutenant Colonel Leo Brunelle


The Marine Force Manual describes the Deputy Commandant’s role as:“Appointed by the Commandant, STARFLEET Marine Corps, he is the Second-In-Command of the STARFLEET Marine Corps. If, for some reason, the Commandant is unable to fulfill his duties, the DepDant will assume command of the Corps until such a time as he/she can return to duty or until a new Dant can be appointed. The DepDant will provide, in detail, a report of all activities supervised by his office, to the Dant once every two months. A report will also be provided to the CQ on a bi-monthly basis. The Deputy Commandant is directly responsible for overseeing all charitable activities undertaken by the Corps. He/she may be responsible for overseeing committees and other duties as assigned by the Commandant. Revisions to the MFM will be overseen by this office as well as being the editor/publisher of the Headquarters Newsletter (similar to the CSR) at a time when the Commandant feels that such a publication is necessary.”

The Deputy Commandant has also been designated as the primary contact person for all issues involving the Uniforms and Awards of the SFMC. Any questions, proposals, concerns or other matters relating to these matters should be sent to the Deputy Commandant for attention. The DepDant will either rule directly on the issues presented or take them to the General Staff for further input and discussion before deciding on how to respond.

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