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Greetings Marine!

The STARFLEET Marine Corps is a group affiliated with STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc. The SFMC is considered an office under the Vice Commander, STARFLEET and as such reports to Vice Commander, STARFLEET. Fictionally, the SFMC is part of the Ground Forces that are rarely seen in the episodes but are assumed to be a part of the Naval Fleet of the United Federation of Planets. We are members of STARFLEET. The Corps does not have different requirements for membership, except that a STARFLEET Marine must be a member in good standing in STARFLEET. Although it does have a different name for each rank within the promotional system, and a different organizational structure than the Naval portion of STARFLEET, STARFLEET Marines are regular, dues paying members. Some STARFLEET members are Marine Reserve. These are members who are active in the naval portion of the Fleet AND with the Ground Forces area as well. Occasionally you may find a STARFLEET Marine who is or was active military, but this is not a requirement to be in the Corps.

State of INFOCOM January 2014

Greetings Marines,

Before jumping into the report I wanted to relay some information about my visit to Kennedy Space Center near Cocoa Florida last weekend. Although I have been in Florida for several years, I had never made the trip over to visit KSC. Now that they have the space shuttle Atlantis on display it was time to go. The space center was much larger than I expected, we were there all day and barely got to see everything. The Atlantis display is spectacular. The way they transition from the screening room to opening the screen and there is the shuttle right in front of you is very well done. After spending several hours at the Atlantis display and shuttle launch experience, it was time to take the bus tour. We headed over to the launch pads, passed the assembly building which is huge! A picture doesn’t compare to the real thing. It is hard to get the actual scale of the building in a picture. Heading back the main facility you stop by the Saturn 5 building. This building has everything Apollo missions and they have an actual Saturn 5 rocket on display. It is as long as a football field. Again seeing a picture of it fails to compare to the real thing. I hope to get the photos posted on my ships website this weekend. If you are interested in seeing the pictures send me an email off list and I’ll send you the link once I get them uploaded. Ok enough about my fun and on with the report.

Now that we have made it through the holiday season and we are thawing out from the cold snap INFOCOM will be getting started on our project list for the upcoming year.

Here’s a list of the first items we will be working on.

1. Update the photo rotating header on the SFMC website. I’m going to ask each active Brigade to submit an image file to add to the rotation.
2. Move the Photo section from the old SFMC website to the new one. Update the photo rotating header on the SFMC website.
3. Add a section to the for the AODE archive section.

No. 1, I want to update the rotating header on the SFMC website. I would like to ask each Brigade commander to send me a picture or graphic to represent their brigade. I will be adding one image or graphic for each of the active Brigades. The image or graphic will need to be at least 12.5 inches by 4 inches and as high a resolution as possible. I can adjust them to fit as long as they are close to the size as

No. 2, we will be adding the photo section to the new website.

In closing here are the pingdom stats for January.

Uptime: 99.93%
Outages: 1
Downtime: 30 min
Response time: 591 ms

Mark "Slayer" Anderson
Brigadier General, SFMC
Information Command
Team Delta

Posted: January 2014 SFMCNewsBot