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Greetings Marine!

The STARFLEET Marine Corps is a group affiliated with STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc. The SFMC is considered an office under the Vice Commander, STARFLEET and as such reports to Vice Commander, STARFLEET. Fictionally, the SFMC is part of the Ground Forces that are rarely seen in the episodes but are assumed to be a part of the Naval Fleet of the United Federation of Planets. We are members of STARFLEET. The Corps does not have different requirements for membership, except that a STARFLEET Marine must be a member in good standing in STARFLEET. Although it does have a different name for each rank within the promotional system, and a different organizational structure than the Naval portion of STARFLEET, STARFLEET Marines are regular, dues paying members. Some STARFLEET members are Marine Reserve. These are members who are active in the naval portion of the Fleet AND with the Ground Forces area as well. Occasionally you may find a STARFLEET Marine who is or was active military, but this is not a requirement to be in the Corps.

State of FINCOM January 2012

Well, my first year in this position has come to a close and I hope that I am now getting used to this job. I have enjoyed serving in this capacity in the past year, and I hope that all you marines out there have had in your heart to be patient with me (I know that’s not normal Marine procedure/protocol, but indulge me anyway J!).

Not much to report in this area, except for the financials which follows…

Keep those QM orders coming!! Thanks Marines!!


Bank of America SFMC Checking Account
Opening Balance 12/28/2011 $4,774.29
1/5/2012 - Walmart (mailing envelopes) ($7.69)
1/12/2012 - USPS ($14.61)
Transfer from PayPal $67.30
Net Change in Checking Account $45.00
Ending Balance 1/31/2012 $4,819.29
Bank of America SFMC Scholarship Account
Opening Balance 12/28/2011 $2,725.59
Credits None
Interest earned $0.19
Net Change in Scholarship Account $0.19
Ending Balance 1/31/2012 $2,725.78
MGN Patrick McAndrew
Commanding Officer, FINCOM

Posted: November 2012 SFMCNewsBot