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Greetings Marine!

The STARFLEET Marine Corps is a group affiliated with STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc. The SFMC is considered an office under the Vice Commander, STARFLEET and as such reports to Vice Commander, STARFLEET. Fictionally, the SFMC is part of the Ground Forces that are rarely seen in the episodes but are assumed to be a part of the Naval Fleet of the United Federation of Planets. We are members of STARFLEET. The Corps does not have different requirements for membership, except that a STARFLEET Marine must be a member in good standing in STARFLEET. Although it does have a different name for each rank within the promotional system, and a different organizational structure than the Naval portion of STARFLEET, STARFLEET Marines are regular, dues paying members. Some STARFLEET members are Marine Reserve. These are members who are active in the naval portion of the Fleet AND with the Ground Forces area as well. Occasionally you may find a STARFLEET Marine who is or was active military, but this is not a requirement to be in the Corps.

State of INFOCOM March 2012

Greetings Marines,

With spring in full gear pretty soon it will be Easter and that means the members of the Datawarfare Center will be finding colored, oval shaped objects hidden on the most peculiar of places. The most notable has always been the file drawers.

Let's talk about what going on shall we.

The Pingdom report for February reported 0 outages for an impressive 100% uptime. The average response time was 351 ms. These results are better than last month. Way to redeem yourselves Dreamhost.

Attention on Deck Extra:
A new issue is almost ready. It should be available before the weekend.

Now Hiring:
Infocom is seeking a CGI/PHP Programmer role. We need a member with this knowledge to update the code for the Ribbon Rack Builder and Guidon Builder. If you can help in this area, then please send an email to

Communication Achievement Award:
The COINFOCOM awards the Communications Achievement Award. Have you done or do you know somebody who has done something worthy of this award? Submissions can be made for designing a website or newsletter, writing a story or song, composing music, making a video. The sky is really the limit. Some might say my work wasn't good enough or significant enough. To that, I say, you won't know until it gets submited.

Well, thats all I got for this month.

Semper Fi.
BDR Michael Timko

Posted: November 2012 SFMCNewsBot