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Greetings Marine!

The STARFLEET Marine Corps is a group affiliated with STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association Inc. The SFMC is considered an office under the Vice Commander, STARFLEET and as such reports to Vice Commander, STARFLEET. Fictionally, the SFMC is part of the Ground Forces that are rarely seen in the episodes but are assumed to be a part of the Naval Fleet of the United Federation of Planets. We are members of STARFLEET. The Corps does not have different requirements for membership, except that a STARFLEET Marine must be a member in good standing in STARFLEET. Although it does have a different name for each rank within the promotional system, and a different organizational structure than the Naval portion of STARFLEET, STARFLEET Marines are regular, dues paying members. Some STARFLEET members are Marine Reserve. These are members who are active in the naval portion of the Fleet AND with the Ground Forces area as well. Occasionally you may find a STARFLEET Marine who is or was active military, but this is not a requirement to be in the Corps.

State of INFOCOM July 2012

State of INFOCOM July 2012

This makes the first time I've had to write a SOR for INFOCOM, So bear
with me folks!

This past month has been an interesting month. We rolled out a brand-new
SFMCA website, and are gearing up to re-tool the website as

Here's some information from my previous email regarding the new SFMC
Website and the Design Challenge:

<< Please Cross post as Necessary >>

Greetings Marines!

As part of the 2012 Site revamp plans, I've decided to do a little
"contest" for you marines. This will mark the first time since 2001
that the average Joe Member has had a direct say in the design and
layout of the website. Basically what I am doing is
crowd-sourcing to see what we have available.

All we ask for is some submissions. Potential designs and layouts. They
can be of any special design, but they MUST incorporate the SFMC Logo
and/or the seals. Submissions can be made by sending us JPG's of the
images, or sending us a URL link to a webpage. You can find the FULL
rules here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at
dcoinfocom at

Thank you all for your time. I, as well as my development team, look
forward to seeing your designs!

As you can see from the above, we're really excited about the
possibility of giving EVERYONE in the SFMC a chance to have a hand in
designing the future of the SFMC Web presence.

We are hoping to unveil our new site within the next two months. We do
not, currently, have a set deadline to finish the entire site, but we
are leaning on trying to finish it before Austin Comic Con at the end of

Now for our usual SOR stuff:


Uptime 99.90%

Downtime 45m

Number of Downtimes 1

The COINFOCOM awards the Communications Achievement Award. Have you done
or do you know somebody who has done something worthy of this award?
Submissions can be made for designing a website or newsletter, writing a
story or song, composing music, making a video. The sky is really the
limit. Some might say my work wasn't good enough or significant enough.
To that, I say, you won't know until it gets submitted.

Even though this award has a nominator & nominee section on the awards
form, this award can be a self nomination. Who better to know what you
did, than yourself. If you feel you have accomplished a worthy, don't
hesitate to nominate yourself.

Hope everyone has had a great month!

Semper Fi!

BGEN Joe Brouhard
Deputy Commanding Officer, Information Command (INFOCOM)
dcoinfocom at

Posted: November 2012 SFMCNewsBot