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State of TRACOM, February 2010
Wednesday, 10 February 2010 16:00
Greetings Marines

Well while most of you are shivering under snowfall, ice storms and lashings of winter weather - my part of the planet is hot, humid and oh so sunny. And I am guessing it is because of the awful weather being thrown around in the northern hemisphere, that we at the SFMCA are experiencing high demand for our courses. And what better way to pass the time while you are snowbound, but to dive into two or three courses from our Academy..

Meantime, we are still charging ahead with our programs of growth and it is pleasing to report that many of our branch schools are well on the way to adding extra material that will serve to increase and improve the pleasure, fun and enjoyment that can be obtained as a student of the SFMCA.

The recent establishment of this new section to TRACOM is proving to be one of the most exciting and worthwhile projects that we could ever have established.  Staffed by some very keen, enthusiastic and very talented marines - the Research and Development section is going gang-busters in the processing of many new ideas that will hopefully eventuate into new material and equipment for the use of the SFMC. Most importantly, much of this new material is uniquely designed for the SFMC or designed to the standards we have requested - meaning that we have finally begun the move to break away from the copying of others material, and headed down the road of developing our own. We are certain that once made available, these new items will create good talking points and review and we are equally certain that the excitement felt at TRACOM for these projects, will be passed onto our fellow members.  Watch this space!

A reminder that we are still accepting applications for the vacant position as AE Branch director. Applications close on Wednesday 24th February and we would expect to be able to announce a new director by Monday 1st March. Contact the COTRACOM for details asscoiated with this vacancy at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Also - Research & Development Department still has openings for a Staff Researcher as per the details listed below..

The TRACOM Research & Development Department is in need of a person to fill the post of Staff Researcher. This person needs to be capable of working well without direct supervisions. They must also be willing to follow an information trail to its end and hitting both the obvious and not-so-obvious data sources. This person should be familiar with finding such information as is required by the R&D Department using sources such as the Internet or from other published material. The successful candidate must be a member of STARFLEET but membership in the SFMC - though preferred - is not required.  Interested applicants should apply to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We have recently released two new courses for the SpecOps Branch - being SO-11: History & Traditions; and SO-21: Advanced Tactics - as well as a new exam in the Combat Engineers Branch,  CE-13 : CE Vehicles & Equipment. These courses are available immediately for your use and can be requested through the SFMCA website. We expect to announce release of other courses as they are finalized over the next few weeks.


January was a very solid month at the Academy with huge numbers of exams being requested and completed. So in choosing the Student of the Month, it was great to see that there were several students all vying for the top spot. But there can only be one and January's SotM is Col Micheal Timko, who completed a total of 25 exams, with 12 Distinctions and 9 Honors.  Congratulations Colonel - you now go forward for selection to the Student of the Year. Also worthy of mention is MSGST Matthew Ezell who graduated with 26 exams - also with 12 Distinction, but with 7 Honors.  Well done Marines !

A reminder that if any member has ideas or suggestions for new courses or comments about courses you would like to see in your Academy, we will welcome your communications. Simply drop a line to the Branch Director concerned, or to the CO, TRACOM and we will follow-up from there.

See you all on campus!

Brigadier Bruce O'Brien