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State of TRACOM, March 2010
Thursday, 11 March 2010 17:00
Greetings to Marines and students of the SFMCA
Well we are all still busily working away in progress of our plans of ongoing development of our Academy.  All sections of TRACOM are up to their eyeballs in paperwork as we continue to work on manual revisions; editing existing exams and creating lots of new; researching and resourcing material for future uses; developing new equipment and craft; and generally having a great time doing the sort of thing that all the guys and girls at TRACOM just love to do. And with the IM looming in 4/5 months - there is plenty of do to make sure we are able to keep our objectives on track and in the right time frame. 2010 is definitely going to be a big year for the SFMCA.

We welcome aboard the new director of the Aerospace Branch School, CPT Eric Shulmann who has already taken his post and is delving deep into the amazing 'world' of SFMC Aerospace.  Eric is keen, enthusiastic, skilled and articulate - so I am certain he is going to become a valuable member of our team. TRACOM had a large pool of applicants to choose from, everyone of them of excellent caliber - so at the end of the day we certainly were "spoiled for choice" with our selection. I think it is fair to say that the SFMC has at its core a large body of very passionate, very enthusiastic and dedicated members - many of whom are ready to offer up their services to their fellows at the drop of a hat. And that is something we can all be very proud of.


In this last period, we again released new courses over a variety of our Schools. ( In future, new courses will all be released at the first day of each month, so we can produce a more uniform presentation ). This period, we activated the following courses:

COMBAT ENGINEERS: CE-12 Vehicles & Equipment

MARITIME OPERATIONS: MO-14 Basic History & Traditions

SPECIAL OPERATIONS: SO-11 SpecOps History & Traditions; SO- 21 Advanced SpecOps Tactics

More new courses are continually under development and these will be released in the months and weeks ahead.


In the very near future, interested Marines should look for the activation of a new MOS (Marine Occupational Specialty) certification program that is being developed.  This program is based on similar parameters to the MURP (unit qualification) program that is already in use. With this program, the individual Marine will be able to gain certification for any of the occupational specialties for which they are qualified, following successful graduation of the courses necessary as outlined in the SFMC MOS Manual.  Watch this space for future advice!


As noted in last report, the TRACOM R&D department is fully engaged in new technology, equipment and craft design; research and development - and having seen some of the new material already presented, we can advise that there is some solid material headed our way.  While the biggest restraint to these gifted Marines is available time - we can expect to see some good advancements due for release at the IM in July. This will of course lead to more course developments and great expansion to our resource libraries. After a few earlier 'set-backs", the team is now committed to the development of a large range of equipment and craft covering several branches.


From time to time, TRACOM is offered ideas for new Schools - and while to date we have not been able to actually convert any of these ideas into a reality that would suit our Academy, we are always very interested to have your ideas. And while it is deemed highly unlikely that we would see anything that could be developed into a new school, we often have presentation of ideas that could easily be - and most often are - slotted into an existing branch/school, and thus your suggestions are VERY worthwhile to us.  Please keep those ideas, thoughts and suggestions headed our way.

While on the subject of new courses(exams) it is pertainent to mention that one of the alternatives offered to students with their -30 level presentations, is that of offering the School Director concerned, a "new" exam as the student's  particular graduation project. Students should be reminded that the presentation of this idea to a director is an option that is entirely at the discretion of the director concerned to either accept or decline - and while most SFMCA Directors will be keen to hear your ideas, it does not automatically follow that you will be given approval to present a new exam as your graduating submission.

And on that cheerful note of taking final exams, we will sign off and look to see all your bright and smiling faces on campus.

Brigadier Bruce O'Brien