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State of FINCOM, March 2010
Thursday, 11 March 2010 17:00
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Corps;

Summit season is upon us.  I can tell because orders for ribbons, pins and other quartermaster merchandise have increased.  In fact I have had  several orders for items that are out of stock.  I will be completing an inventory and requesting permission to place orders in the next week or so.  I apologize to those of you who have ordered using the numbers available on the web site and then finding out that I am out of stock on something you requested.

I must manually update the web site to account for snail mail sales and event sales and it appears that I have failed to do that lately.  Therefore the numbers on the site are incorrect.  I apologize and will get that updated asap.

Speaking of Summits, Region Two is happening as I write this.  I am not in attendance this year as my son is being deployed on Monday to Korea for 18 months and this is my last opportunity to see him until he returns to the states.  I will miss seeing all my friends who regularly make it to the Sunny Summits of Region Two, but I can't pass up the chance to visit with my son this weekend.

I have sent a small amount of merchandise to the Region Two Summit with DJ Allen, Region Two treasurer.  She will be able to sell what she has on hand and if she runs out of something just jump on the website and shoot me an order.  I have most everything except shirts and some of the ribbons.  We are out of the Anniversary Challenge Coin, but have the Bronze Coin in stock at the same price.

Don't forget the Summit kit package deals we have available.  The lanyard, pen, and  neck wallets are all very nice. The neck wallet has a place to carry the pen, your challenge coin and a clear slot to put your ID badge and room key in if you like.  They are lovely in STARFLEET Blue with the logo embossed on the front.  Recognizable, convenient and very
affordable.  I have had several people tell me that the pen is one of the best writing pens they have ever used.  At $2 it's a steal.

I could go on indefinitely describing the various items available but I am certain that you can check out the site for yourself.

The numbers for the month of February are as follows.
Total of 8 Sales

Bank Account opening balance Feb 1 - $1974.00
Credits in the amount of  $529.26
Debit  in the amount of $50.00 to petty cash for postage
Ending balance  $2453.26

Scholarship Account
Opening Balance  $2870.80
Credit in the amount of  $.22 (interest)
Debits  0
Ending balance  $2871.02

Petty Cash
Opening Balance $3.86
Reimbursement of $50.00 on 2//13/10
Expenditures of  $1.39 on 2/4/10
$17.17 on 2/13/10
$6.94  on 2/26/10    All for postage
Closing Balance  $28.36

Until next month,
Live Long and Prosper

LGN Linda Olson
CO Fincom SFMC