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State of TRACOM, April 2010
Saturday, 10 April 2010 18:38

Greetings to all Marines and students of the SFMCA

With the degree of activity that is swirling about TRACOM as staff busily - and in some cases, feversihly - work through their revisions and additions to their branch or school resource material, there has not been much time for anything else.

Of course, we still respond to exam submissions with our usual good service, and subsequent grading still occupies much of our time. But speaking for my own office (and I know that of several other TRACOM directors) by far the majority of our efforts are going into the creation and development of new or existing resource, all aimed at improving and expanding the courses we can offer our members from their Academy. From what I have heard and seen to date, I am sure that there will be many new courses created as a direct consequence of the work being done and that the SFMCA will continue to expand and develop further, much as it has done for the last couple of years in particular.

Questioning the Questions
From time to time, we get questioned by our students on some of the detail that pertains to certain questions in our exams. This may come about as a result of a difficulty in finding a particular resource to the question; the actual wording of a question that could well be ambiguous; a question that no longer matches altered or added resource material; even the actual grammar of structure of the sentence by which the question is asked - and it is important that students have a clear understanding of what they should do in these instances.

More often than not, I am certain that most students merely "carry on" working their way through what may well be a difficult or 'irregular' question - too polite/nervous/cautious to put their hand up and say "excuse me - but what does this mean?" - or other words to that effect.  My point here is simply this - if when working through an exam you come across questions that just don't seem right, then by all means, contact the director and seek clarification. I am sure that many would be very surprised to find the staff at TRACOM are not infallible and from time to time, some mistakes do creep in. Either a resource gets changed in the library but not int he exam; an external link to be used for a particular course is no longer available; or even that simply, the question just doesn't make sense.

So please - if you have a query on any exam, let us know. We are here to provide a service and we like to think we do just that, and always at very high levels. But unless you put up your hand, we will never know.

SFMC Scholarship
With the IM looming in a few months, it is a good time to remind you of the SFMC Scholarship which is quietly building into a financail resource available to members. Do you or someone you know, qualify? If so, then these funds are available and are waiting to be used. We can assure you that it would give the SFMC no greater pelasure than to be able to award a scholarship to a deserving Marine - so if you qualfiy, please don't hesiate to make an enquiry.

And that is it from my office. I will now go back to join my fellow TRACOM staff in the "head down, butt up" position that we find ourselves in at this time every year. I am only thankful that I don't work for the R&D Division - now those guys are REALLY busy....
See you all on campus.

Brigadier Bruce O'Brien