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Resignation DCOTRACOM
Saturday, 17 July 2010 13:00

It is with regret that we announce the resignation of BGEN Scott  Anderson as DCOTRACOM. Scott has indicated that  his current workloads have increased exponentially to the point that he  has to step down from one of his many posts and he has decided that  his role at TRACOM should be this.

As the DCO, Scott has worked with  energy, commitment and loyalty to TRACOM and to the SFMCA and has been  at the core in the creation of the culture and very strong espirit  d'Corps that we have created within the TRACOM team over the last couple  of years. He has worked efficiently, diligently and with great care,  concern and attention to providing a service to Marines, students of the  SFMCA and to his fellow Marines here in TRACOM and the SFMC Academy.  His attention to detail in handling the administrative aspects of the  DCO's role has exemplary and he has set a standard that all others in  this role would have to follow.As a senior part of the TRACOM team, Scott has had a direct hand in the  growth  of TRACOM - which has seen a 200% increase in student activity in the last 2 years.

Scott will step away from his post  over the next few days but will retain an ongoing service to TRACOM by  carrying on with the administration of  the awards and devices management in the database for us . He will also  retain his role as Infantry Branch Director and therefore continue to be  an integral and important part of TRACOM.

As there is a CS election  pending which will lead to the appointment of a new Commandant in the New  Year, it is possible that there could be further changes to the  structure of the current general Staff. It is because of that and for  the need for TRACOM to retain solid balance to its current program of  goals and objectives for this year, that we will not be seeking a  replacement for the role of DCOTRACOM by the usual means of advertising. Instead,  we shall directly appoint someone who we feel will best handle this  position under current  circumstances as an interim measure to December,  then review the situation in the New Year.

Please feel free in  joining us in congratulating Scott for his efforts and achievements on  behalf of us all, as a committed member of  the Corps and we wish him well as he carries out his many other duties.

Brigadier Bruce O'Brien