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New and Updated Manuals Released!

The SFMC announces the publication of several new and updated manuals. These new manuals  supersede all other manuals and earlier editions of the manuals that have been either replaced or updated should be discarded and not used.

Here is a listing of the newly published manuals:

General SFMC Manuals:

  1. Arms and Equipment Manual: The weapons section has been greatly expanded as well as some new equipment has been added to various sections. Also a very large ordnance section has been added. Another thing to note is that the SFMC Aerospace vehicles are being replaced. The new vehicles are listed in this manual as are the older versions. The older versions will be removed next year.
  2. Cadet Manual: Some new Cadet level awards have been added.
  3. Dress Mess Manual: A section for holding a Field Mess has been added.
  4. General Officer's Manual: This is a new manual that deals with the General Staff.
  5. Marine Force Manual: Some minor changes to the manual have been made to correct spelling, grammar, and to clarify some confusing wording. Cadet Awards have been added to the awards section.
  6. MOS Manual: Several branches have updated their MOS's for their branches. Also most of the course listings for all MOS's have been updated to include exams that have been implemented since the first publication of the MOS manual.
  7. Policy Manual: FINCOM policies have been expanded.
  8. TRACOM Policies and Procedures Manual: Some wording has been changed to reflect current practices.
TRACOM Manuals:
  1. Aerospace Manual: The manual has been completely rewritten to incorporate new vehicles introduced in the A&E manual.
  2. Leadership Manual: This is a new manual that replaces the Advanced Leadership Manual. All material dealing with leadership and how it relates to the SFMC can be found in this manual.
  3. METL: Various graphics have been added or updated.
  4. Professional Development Manual: This is a new manual that replaces the PD/LD Manual. This manual now focuses on professional development and how it relates to the SFMC. A section regarding physical fitness and training has been added.
  5. Support Manual: There have been a few minor changes made. An appendix outlining the SFMC Chaplains Corps has been added.
MGN. Sean Niemeyer
SFMC G3 Officer