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Vacancy at TRACOM
With some recent re-jigging of schools, there has been another vacancy open up at the SFMCA. We are now looking for a new director to take over the XenoStudies Jem'Hadar School and seek applications for this role.

As always, we are looking for a keen, dedicated and motivated person to fill this role and  for those who feel they have the time, skill and commitment to offer  TRACOM for this position, they should note the criteria listed below and make application accordingly.

The successful candidate will posses good interpersonal skills;  have high standards of communication; have access to reliable Internet;  and be able to work in a timely  and orderly fashion so as to provide the very best of service to our  students. They should also be able to work to assigned deadlines without direct supervision. A keen interest in the Marine/Military aspects of the Star Trek universe is required and while membership in the SFMC would be a plus, it is not a requirement.

All applicants need to note the following selection criteria:

All TRACOM staff members must have completed PD-10 and PD-20 while OTS  is suggested but not required for the position. In addition to these qualifications, the Director of the XenoStudies School of Jem'Hadar must  have completed every course offered by this School up to and including  the -30 level coursework.

If a staff member is appointed to a  position within TRACOM and that person has not completed the  requirements for that position, he/she shall have 60 days to complete  the requirements or be asked to resign the position.  Upon assuming the  role, the Director must be willing to follow the TRACOM reporting  polices as well as the policies for answering/grading exams. This  detailing can be found in the TRACOM Policy & Procedures Manual  which is available from the SFMC or SFMCA  websites.

Application should include a brief summary of your SFI  record as well as some of your real life details. It would be of value  to sate in your application what benefits you would bring to the role  and any suggestions you may have for the School. Applications close on Friday 24th September. All applications should be sent to COTRACOM at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

BDR. Bruce O'Brien