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State of TRACOM, September 2010
Thursday, 23 September 2010 14:00

Greetings to all Marines and students of the SFMCA

Over the last several months, we have had huge increases in the number of students requesting the Initial Entry training Exam (PD-10). This exam is the pre-requisite entry into the SFMC Academy and it is truly exciting and most encouraging to see the number of new students entering our halls. We would sincerely hope that once new students have taken this exam that they will then find plenty of other interesting and motivating courses in our schools, to keep them coming back for more.

After all, this what each one of us in service at TRACOM and the  Academy work so hard for - providing a worthwhile and useful service to our members - and I can assure each and every student that makes a request for a TRACOM course, that the  directors involved are always exceedingly pleased to have exam requests from their schools.  We hope that we keep the exams and reference material coming and continue to provide a worthwhile contribution to your membership.

New Manuals
As stated last report, there has been a release of some new material and many updates and edits to existing manuals. The upshot of this will see the gradual release of new exams based on those edits or new introductions. As these new exams come available, we will make announcements on the lists - but the normal program is that new course material is released in the first week of each month - so keep an eye out then for any new exams. Following on from this, there will be other released material that will flow over ensuing months to December, as it has been agreed that material not completed in time for the annual cycle culminating at the IM/IC, can be integrated for an additional cycle. This too is likely to lead to even more course material so it is highly likely that there will be a steady stream of new courses over the months ahead. 

TRACOM Staff Vacancies
A reminder that we have a few vacancies at TRACOM, applications to which will close shortly. The following branches or schools require new directors, so any member who feels they not only meet the requirements but firmly believes they have something to offer TRACOM, should get an application away promptly.

We are seeking directors for:
  1. XenoStudies Jem'Hadar School
  2. XenoStudies Klingon School

All queries and applications for these positions should be forwarded to COTRACOM at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please refer to previous postings on these vacancies which give clear outline of application procedure. Applications will close by Wednesday 29th September.

Student of Month 
Our apologies for the delay in advising this, but the September Student(s) of the Month were as follows:

TRACOM Student of the Month
Michael Malotte of the USS White Star, 12th Brigade.
Michael has completed 19 courses, 12 with Distinction and 6 with Honors            

TRACOM Student of the Month (Runner-up)
Gary Ensey of the USS Pride of Baltimore, 7th Brigade.
Gary has completed 16 courses, 11 with Distinction and 3 with Honors

TRACOM Cadet Student of the Month
Noah Cook, USS Marathon, 2nd Brigade
Noah has completed 1 courses, with Distinction.

Our congratulations to these fine Marines for their achievements at the SFMCA  this period

New Staff at TRACOM
While this is certainly not a new announcement, we would wish to once again welcome CWO3 Jenn Hoover to the staff here at TRACOM. Jenn will take the role of ADC Clerk and will provide the important and necessary support to the OIC ADC.  Shortly, this office will also take over the issuance and administration of both the MURP and MOSC roles and, coupled with their other duties, it is expected that this new department is certainly going to become another busy function of TRACOM. 

Exam Comments and Queries
Now and again, a student may find a query of either interpretation or outright confusion with some courses exam questions. All TRACOM students should recognize that if they have any query relating to either an exam question (and that may be in the way the question is structured; how the question relates to its resource material - or in fact ANY aspect that gives cause for the student to raise an eyebrow - then be assured that we do wish to hear from you.  While our exams are put through a rigorous beta testing regime prior to releases, subsequent changes to resource material or simply something may have been overlooked, could create just such a situation. Please do not feel unsure IF you should, raise your hand, as I can assure you that we would much rather that you did.  Only in this way can we keep tabs on how well structured and accurate our material is. So don't be shy in asking a question!

New Ideas
Got an idea for a new course,  perhaps new resource material or a topic that you would like to see us investigate for inclusion into the Academy. No matter what it is, we do like to hear from you. So if you have any form of an idea that you believe may be of value, then by all means drop a line to the appropriate School or Branch Director and outline your thoughts. Remember - this is your Academy!

OK - short and sweet but that's it for now. Next report is due in a couple of weeks and unless those errant bods over at INFOCOM have done something stupid and blown up our facility (or stabbed someone important with a butter knife...) then we shall see you all again soon.

Brigadier Bruce O'Brien