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State of TRACOM, December 2010
Saturday, 18 December 2010 12:00

Bruce has tapped me to take over for him as COTRACOM when he stands up as Commandant. Further, he has asked that I go ahead and give you all a little sneak peek into what is in store for TRACOM after the first of the year. So here goes...

Over the past several years, Bruce has worked quite hard to set some projects in motion and establish a team that could accomplish them. Many of those team members are staying in place. A few of them are moving into new posts with the coming of the new administration. This being the case, the first order of business is to introduce you to the TRACOM Command Staff that will be taking office 1, January 2011.

The first change is that TRACOM will have 2 DCO level officers. The first, BGN Scott Anderson Sr., will be serving as DCO-Administration. He will oversee administrative functions such as ADC and the SFMCA. The second, MGN Gary Hollifield Jr., will be serving as DCO-Doctrine. He will oversee creative functions of the Command such as R&D, NCD, and other functions as they come online. Moving Scott up from ADC Director to DCO leaves a hole at his previous post. CWO3 Jenn Hoover will be moving up from her post as ADC Clerk to ADC Director. My advancement from DCO and Director of R&D leaves the R&D post in need. LTC William Hof will be taking the reigns in the R&D Department.Finally, GSGT James Maarsingh will be taking over as SGM-TRACOM and Director of the NCO School.

The SFMC Academy will continue its program of course growth while maintaining its level of quality. Over the next few months, some Directorships in the SFMCA will be coming open and need replacement. We'll start posting those the first of the year. TRACOM is, and will continue to be committed to continued improvement of the SFMC experience for our members through any means within our purview. We'll be working hard to put more Star Trek into the SFMC and more fun stuff into the hands of Marines throughout the Corps.

LGN Mike McGowan
Greetings to all Marines and students of the SFMCA

Unlike INFOCOM, we have no gremlins at TRACOM that I can lay any excuse to for a late report - but I will blame everyone else that I can starting with the DCOTRACOM for keeping me from my administrative duties with other distractions of late! But it is all to the good and the past few weeks have been spent working through as many issues, plans and projects we have been able to in precipitation of the outcomes of the election and possibility of a new GS.