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A Word from the DCOFORCECOM

Marines. I'm COL Jari James, a member of 5BDE and the new Deputy CO of Forces Command.  Here's a bit of background for those who have never met me.

I originally joined SFI back in 1994 as a member of the USS Maria Antonio Valsalva NCC-410 - a corry Osler class hospital ship based out of R12 commanded by ADM David Miller, MD but let things lapse after a year or so.  I rejoined in December of 2006 and transferred to the USS Thermopylae NCC-74703 restarting my STARFLEET career with the rank of ENS/2LT.  Right after that, I discovered the SFMC side of the house and activated my reserve commission. Along with my new billet as DCOFORCECOM, I also hold the position of DOIC 4BN 5BDE and just stepped down as the DOIC of the 503rd MSG – The Spartans.

I've had the opportunity to be involved in things at a unit level, taking on such tasks as the Unit's Reading Challenge Officer and organizing the organizing the MURP program for the 503rd resulting in the completion of 10 specialties and making a clean sweep of the VCRP.

I've wandered my way through various SFA and SFMCA programs, keep active in several charity projects and was honored by being the Shield of Valor & 5BDE Shield of Honor recipient in 2008 and the Cross of Honor & 5BDE Cross of Valor recipient in 2010.In the non-Trek world, I am a late 50's retired civilian/military health care provider. I retired from the US Army as a Master Sergeant after 21-some years both active and reserve with a tour in the Gulf during Desert Shield/Desert Storm under my web belt.

I came from a family history of military service on both sides of the family and both parents during WW II and was honored to spend 20 years of my life with my late husband Jeff who served as a US Army Airborne Infantryman and member of the Special Operation Command. I first became involved in Trek fandom back in the 60's when TOS first premiered. I've an avid SF&F reader along with military fiction, am willing to give most SF based TVs and movies at least one try and have been involved in various different fandoms since first discovering Trek.

I am truly honored to have been asked by MGSGT Kane to serve as his DCO and look forward to serving the Corp by providing top flight service to the individual marine in the field. I can always be reached by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or concerns you may have.

Col. Jarri James, SFMC