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State of FORCECOM, January 2011
Hi, I am writing this my first State of Forcecom report from the Senior NCO Mess at SFMC HQ as my office is still full of boxes and reports, and as they happen to have some Sport from the Southern Hemisphere,  from the early 21st Century on the Video Screens,  I know the Sergeant Major of the SFMC will be happy to see the videos.

In case you do not know my name is Master Gunnery Sergeant John Kiwi Kane, if you do not know me, I have been in the SFMC since 1997 I am originally from New Zealand and I was originally on a unit in the 12th Brigade 277th MSG on the Shuttle Cicero and in 1998 I came to the US and attended the IC in Lubbock on the way to North Carolina and I transferred to the 1st Brigade onto the 111th   MSG on the USS Hornet. I married my wife who was at the time the CO of the USS Hornet, I have also served on the 162nd MSG on the USS Reprisal as well. I am currently the DOIC of the 101st MEU  in the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Brigade.

I have filled every billet from member of a unit to the DOIC of a Unit, I have been the OIC of a Unit, the Battalion DOIC, and the Battalion OIC and I have been the Brigade Sergeant Major and Brigade DOIC and OIC during that time as well. At IC 2003 in Greensboro I was promoted to Brigadier General and I also was honoured to have be chosen to be the Shield of Honour Winner. In 2004 I made the decision to resign my officers commission and I became a Gunnery Sergeant. In 2005 I was appointed the 1st Brigade Sergeant Major and in 2007 I was promoted to my current rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant. At IC 2009 I was honoured to be chosen to be the Star of Honour Winner for 2009. In 2009 I also had the honour of being appointed the 1st Brigade OIC and was able to help the 1st Brigade grow.

My aim for the office of Forcecom is to improve communications between the Brigades and the My office and I will also encourage the Brigades to improve communications between them and the Unit OIC's. I would like to encourage Marines to participate in the SFMC Reading Challenge we will soon have the information up on the main corps website. I would also like to encourage you all to read the awards section of the MFM and if you see any awards you think you or anyone in your unit are eligible for then go to the corps website and under the forms link you will find the form to send in the application I would encourage you all to make use of the awards program.

Before I introduce my Deputy I would like to announce a few awards I have presented since I took office, they are those that have served in their Countries Military for more that 180 days I would like to thank them for their service.  They are as follows from the 1st Brigade, Daniel Walker, Carl Christianson, John McLaughlin, Warren Jack and George Pimentel and from the 5th Brigade, Angelina Christian, Peter Christian, Joseph Fuller, Camille Hedrick, Jeffrey James, Gerald Purkey, Lisa Purkey, Ronald Shepard, Frank Stevens, Jenn Peterson. I have also awarded the 1st ever Cadet Service Completion Award to Randall Purkey of the 503rd MSG on the USS Thermopylae from the 5th Brigade.

I would like to now introduce you to my Deputy Commanding Officer, Colonel Jari James, here is a introduction from her, So if you have any questions or comments about Forcecom please feel
free to email me

Yours in service to the corps,

MSGT John Kiwi Kane, SFMC