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State of TRACOM, April 2011
Tuesday, 12 April 2011 13:00
Greetings Marines,

Normally, during the monthly State of TRACOM Report, I'd tell you about new staff arriving, current staff departing, the application process, and a few quick points about the SFMCA. SURPRISE!! We're going to do it again. :)

So far this month we have already had four new arrivals to the TRACOM Staff. Please help me in welcoming the following Marines:
  1. Brigadier General Travis Littou of the 225th MSG is taking over the Armor School.
  2. Chief Warrant Officer-3 Jenn Hoover is stepping into the TRACOM SGM role which includes operation of the NCO School.
This gives us an almost complete staff, or would were it not for...

Wait a minute! We have no departures this month. We do, however, have a new post that we're trying to fill which leads us to...

Now Hiring:
Research Assistant: As of today, we are also seeking a Research Assistant for the Research and Development group. Requirements for are listed below.

  1. All TRACOM Staff members must have completed PD-10 (Marine Basic Training), PD-20 and OTS;
  2. Must be a member in good standing of STARFLEET;
  3. Be at least 18 years of age;
  4. Branch Directors must have completed every course offered by their Branch up to and including the –30 level coursework (Bachelor’s of Military Science);
  5. If a staff member is appointed to a position within TRACOM, and that person has not completed the requirements for the position, he/she shall have 60 days to complete the requirements or be asked to resign the position;
  6. All candidates should review the TRACOM Policies and Procedures Manual paying close attention to the duties outlined in sections 3.01, 3.02, 3.04 Doctrine Section sub-section Branch Directors, and section 3.05 IN FULL.

Please send your ‘Fleet resume, a letter of intent, and why you feel you would make a valuable addition to the Training and Doctrine Command Staff to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . As this post is predominantly that of a researcher, a successful candidate will have a decent understanding of researching the internet and other sources as well as basic citation practices.

The TRACOM HQ program which will not only ensure that the SFMCA courses offered are up to date, but also that HQ has adequate and complete copies of all SFMCA materials on hand in a secondary storage site is still under way. Research and Development Group have been doing good work laying a basis for new development of goodies for the SFMC in the future. I have great confidence that they will be producing some awesome tech goodies for us to use soon. The SFMCA had kind of a light month in March. Remember that Summit season and IC are coming soon and many of the awards that marines want to receive are Academy based, so keep up the pace.

Until next month...

LGN Mike McGowan
Greetings to all Marines and students of the SFMCA

Unlike INFOCOM, we have no gremlins at TRACOM that I can lay any excuse to for a late report - but I will blame everyone else that I can starting with the DCOTRACOM for keeping me from my administrative duties with other distractions of late! But it is all to the good and the past few weeks have been spent working through as many issues, plans and projects we have been able to in precipitation of the outcomes of the election and possibility of a new GS.