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State of FORCECOM, April 2011
Greetings Marines,

Well things have been busy here at Forces Command, One of the best jobs in Forces Command is Activating Units in the Last 2 Months we have activated 3 new units, they are:

  1. 399th "Night Fury" onboard the USS Isaac out of 20th Brigade
  2. 348th Specter Squadron onboard the USS Daedalus,out of the 3rd Brigade
  3. 880th Wild Hornets onboard the USS Alioth out of the 17th Brigade
One of the jobs of CO Forces Command is entering awards in the Database and I would like to congratulate the Valor Winners from the 12th and 17th Brigades:

12th Brigade

  1. Cross of Valor:   William "Junior" Hof of the 263rd The Hawk's Talons stationed on the USS Black Hawk
  2. Sword of Valor:   Shane Russell of the 225th DedEx stationed on the USS Bortas
  3. Shield of Valor:   Josiah Smiddy of the 287 MSG  Space Cowboys stationed on the USS Krakatoa
  4. Legion of Valor:   234 MSG - Stray Dogs stationed on the USS Oklahoma
17th Brigade

  1. Cross of Valor: John Roberts of the 898th Flying Medicine Men stationed on the USS Anasazi
  2. Star of Valor: Marsha Beighley of the 898th Flying Medicine Men stationed on the USS Anasazi
  3. Sword of Valor: Phillip Dillard of the 898th Flying Medicine Men stationed on the USS Anasazi
  4. Legion of Valor: 898th Flying Medicine Men stationed on the USS Anasazi

Congratulations to all those fine marines.

I would like to encourage all Marines to send in recommendations for any of the Marine awards as the Brigade Musters are a chance for Marines to be recognised at the Brigade Level in front of friends if you do not send in recommendations the Brigade OIC can only present awards that he receieves recommendations for people tell me, my marines has not done anything to recieve any awards, I reply to that have you done any charity work if so then you can qualify for the community service award and then you can can be in the running for the any of the valor awards you can get your chapter co to send in a recommendation for you even if the CO is not a marine.

Well that is all for this month

Catch you next month

MSGT John Kiwi Kane, SFMC
I would like to congratulate the following Marines from the 2nd Brigade
TJ Allen – Cross of Valor
Cindy Cook – Sword of Valor
Anne Zecca – Shield of Valor

After reading the Brigade reports for the Feb reporting period I am pleased to announce that we have over 1000 marines in the Corps.  The largest unit in the corps is a 3 way tie with 26 members and they are 212th MSG in the 12th Brigade and the 888th and the 898th in the 17th Brigade.

The largest Marine Strike Groups listed by Brigades are:
1st: 173rd “The Black Cats” with 23 Marines
2nd: 631st “Fighting Ospreys” with 17 Marines
3rd: 313th “Riven Seraphim”  with 12 Marines
4th: 1st “Border Bandits”  with 19 Marines
5th: 503rd “The Spartans”  with 22 Marines
6th: 832nd “Hearts of Ice” with 7 Marines
7th: 736th “The Raptors” with 13 Marines
8th: 360th “The Spirit Riders” with 3 Marines
10th: 424th “The Smiling Cats” with 6 Marines
11th: 377th “Thunder from Downunder” with 17 Marines
12th: 212th “Warriors of Justice with 26 Marines
13th: 455th “The Fighting Wolfpack” with 5
15th: 95th “Sentinals” with 17 Marines
17th: 888th “Tiger Sharks” with 26 Marines
      898th “Flying Medicine Men” with 26 Marines
20th 380th “Chancellory Guard” with 4 Marines

If you believe your unit should be listed on this list then make sure all your marines are listed in the database as either Active Marines or Marine Reserves.

I would like to encourage all the Marines to nominate any marines that think are worthy of the Marine Valor awards and when you write up the recommendations make sure you include as much information as you can and then it will make the job of the Brigade OIC’s job much harder when they have to select the Brigade Valor awards. I would encourage all the Marines to participate in a charity event your chapter or MSG/MEU supports.

If you love reading books I encourage you to participate in the SFMC Reading Challenge. To participate in the reading challenge you just need to keep track of the books you read.

A reminder that Award nominations, must be made no more than six (6) months after the event leading to the nomination. The only exceptions to this policy are nominations for Honor and Valor awards which are, by necessity, made for actions over the course of the preceding year. Any nominations for awards older than six (6) months (except for Valor and Honor Award nominations), will be summarily denied based on this policy. Another thing is that you can nominate more than one person for one
award. Some find out when your Brigade Valor award deadline is and nominate Marines in your brigade an often.

Until next time