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State of FORCECOM, July 2011
Greetings Marines,

I am writing this while I have some Super XV rugby playing loudly on the big monitor hanging on the wall in office as I am preparing to attend some Marine Tactical Training with some units in the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Brigade.

I would like to congratulate the following marines  from the 3rd Brigade

  1. Thomas “Tank” Clark Brigade Cross of Valor,
  2. Michael Tolleson, Brigade Sword of Valor,
  3. Conell Osbourne, Brigade Star of Valor,
  4. Cathey Osbourne, Brigade Shield of Valor
  5. 333rd MSG Brigade Legion of Valor

During the update of the Brigade Alert Roster it was pointed out to me that we have several unit that have a Branch of Service that is Combined Arms, but in the Marine Force Manual and in the Courses run by TRACOM we only have Nine (9) Branch of Services, they are Support, Medical, Infantry, Armour, Mecha, Aerospace, Combat Engineering, Special Operations, Maritime Operations. So after consultation with the Commandant, on the 1st of October 2011 all units that have Branch of service in the Database of Combined Arms will changed to Infantry unless their branch of service has been changed on the August Unit Report.

I hear you ask but we have multiple Branches on our unit and yes you can have 1 of every branch if you wish and I am not saying you can not, I am just saying that you will choose one branch as your primary branch of service.

In the MURP and the MOSC applications at The Academy it says the following.

Primary Branch of Service (BOS) (Choose one only!)
Note: Combined Arms is NOT an official BOS

So from the first of October all units will have 1 primary Branch of Service and you can have all 8 as Secondary Branches, just like when you applied for the MOSC you have to have a Duty (or Primary) Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) but you can have as many MOS’s as you have the courses completed that meet that MOS description.

I would also like to comment this month on Reporting.

With Unit Reports due on the 1st of August I would like to remind people about reporting.

Both MEUs and MSGs report every even numbered month to the next link in the chain. Generally this would be the Battalion OIC, however in some brigades (the Marine equivalent to the STARFLEET region designation) there may not be a large enough number of Units to need the battalion level breakdown. In this case the Units would report directly to the Brigade OIC.

The deadline for your report is the first day of every even numbered month. February, April, June, August,October, and December. Only six reports a year. Your report should contain the following information; Unit number and Nickname Unit Motto Unit Branch of Service OIC full name, and email address (regular mail address if no internet service) and phone number. DOIC full name, and email address (regular mail address if no internet service) and phone number.

The next section of your report is very important. It is the PERSONNEL DATA section.

From the Unit roster we determine how many Marines we actually have, the number of active and reserve. Some awards, such as the Good Conduct Award can be determined by a Marine’s name appearing on 18 consecutive reports.

The roster is extremely important and MUST contain the following information on every marine in the Unit. Full name, rank, SCC number, Active or Reserve status, and expiration date of membership in STARFLEET.

All marines MUST be members in good standing with STARFLEET.

We are STARFLEET member’s first, marines second. If a membership is expired the name and information belongs in either the “discharge” list, if the member does not plan on renewing or in a “standby” list if the membership is pending.

If you are the Unit OIC it is your responsibility to check your roster for accuracy. This can be done through the STARFLEET database. Do not just cut and paste a copy from the database as the copy in the database will not include marines that have expired or are pending. Keep a master copy of your roster with all the information and before each report check expiring members to be sure they have renewed. It is also a good idea to remind members to renew a few weeks to two months before they expire. Make sure all your marines are affiliated with the Corps by checking Active or Reserve Status in the database. Following the roster section should be a list of new recruits. If you have included the full information on each of these recruits in the roster section, you only need to list the names under Recruits. Discharges also need to be listed separately.

Following this is the Awards section of the report. AWARDS ISSUED means listing the full name for the record of any marine in the Unit who has received an award since the previous reporting period. Please list the Award Name and all recipients for the period. If you are the Unit OIC you will be the awarding authority for the Unit leadership award and any Unit awards that your Unit determines they should have. Keep in mind, Unit awards are a good  incentive to get marines to participate, but, any device representing these awards are not authorized for wear on a properly dressed uniform unless recognized by the SFMC and included in the awards section of the MFM. The Marine Force Manual (MFM) lists only the Leadership Award as the responsibility of a Unit OIC.

AWARDS REQUESTED is a section in which you can request awards for marines in your Unit or elsewhere in the Corps. Any marine may submit any other marine for an award at any time. There is an online award form that you may use or you may include all the information in this section of your report. You should be able to determine from your rosters when your marines are due a Good Conduct Award. This is issued by COFORCECOM for 3 years of service by a marine. This is uninterrupted service to the Corps, which is a good reason to insure that memberships do not lapse. If a membership lapses then the time count starts over again. Proper rosters can make tracking this award easy and you can submit the information to FORCES COMMAND when the time comes.

Other awards are listed in the MFM with the criteria for receiving them and who the awarding authority will be. Send any requests for awards through the online awards form and list them in this section of your report. Remember, when submitting a marine for an award to detail completely what the person did to deserve the award. You may submit yourself for awards also if you feel that you deserve one, however the Corps frowns upon any marine holding any position in the chain of command awarding himself an award.

When submitting recommendations for awards put as much detailed information as you can supply the more details the better, it is better to have too much information than not enough. When applying for the Nebula Awards time and date of when the event happened and any witness statements would really help you recommendation.

This week the President of the United States issued a Medal of Honor to Soldier for an event that happened in 2008. The Medal of Honor is the Highest Medal that the US Military can bestow on their members. The Gold Nebula is the same for the SFMC. The US Military like lots of detailed information for the Medal of Honor recommendations like witness reports and the General Staff like as much information for it's awards as well.  For example: if it was saving a person from drowning was the river in flood stage, what is the normal height of the river, that type of information.

The next section of the report is the MISSION DATA. This is a list or detailed description of activities since the last report. What did your Unit do as a Unit? As individuals? What community service project are you involved in? What conventions, musters, meetings, etc. did the Unit members attend or otherwise participate in? This is another opportunity to get recognition for your troops. Let us know what is happening.

This Section of the reports always seems to be left blank I am sure your units must do something, if you get together and watch a movie together or go and play paintball. List that in your unit report.

It is no longer necessary for Units to report their plans for the next reporting period or the list of courses that the members have taken. The courses are tracked by TRACOM and not by FORCECOM. Although you do not need to include this information in your report, you may wish to retain it in the individual records kept for your Unit.

One of the new things to add to the Unit report is the SFMC Reading Challenge data. The Reading Challenge is one of the easiest things to do in the corps as lots of us read books so we just need to write down the following information;

ISBN number (normally found just inside just after the title page)
Number of pages

And then you give this information to your Unit OIC to include in their report. The final section of the report is one of the most important though rarely used. PROBLEMS, COMMENTS, and SUGGESTIONS. We can’t fix it if we don’t know it is broken. Please be sure to pass along items that fall in this category whether they are from yourself or a marine in your Unit. If you had a problem in the Unit and have solved it, explain the problem and the solution. Someone else in the Corps could have the same problem and not know what to do. Individual marines sometimes have very good suggestions on how we can streamline and advance. Make sure to send this information up the chain and always give credit where it is due.

Job Openings
I would to announce the following opening in Forces Command

Recruitment and Retention Officer/NCO: This position is open for any member of the SFMC regardless of whether they are Active or Reserve and regardless of whether they are an Officer or Enlisted Member. Any Marine interested in helping to Recruit and Retain Members for the Corps should apply

The other Position is

Heraldry Officer/NCO: This position is open for any member of the SFMC regardless of whether they are Active or Reserve and regardless of whether they are an Officer or Enlisted Member. I want someone that knows how to design and maintain a website as we will be using that website to display the Unit Logos and Unit Mottos and Slogans. Any Marine interested in should be prepared to demonstrate the necessary skills needed.

Interested parties should submit a resume, either real world or STARFLEET, showing particular capability in this regard with a cover letter via email. Applications, questions, or comments, should be sentdirectly to COFORCECOM  at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Well that is all for this month

Catch you next month
MSGT John Kiwi Kane, SFMC