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State of TRACOM, August 2011
Greetings Marines,
International conference and Muster have come and gone and it looked like everyone who was able to make it had a great time. I wish I could have made it over. But down to business...
Several awards were issued at IC by TRACOM this year:
* Brandi Warren (USS Dakota) was named the STARFEET Marine Corps Academy Student of the Year. She was a very prolific student with a high grade level over the entire year. Congratulations Brandi!
SFMCA Team Delta inductees this year included two students and two honorary members:
* Bruce O'Brien – Honorary Inductee
* John Kane – Honorary Inductee
* Josiah Smiddy – Student Inductee
* Travis Littou – Student Inductee
TRACOM Commander's Award:
* James Jones II for his outstanding work with the TRACOM R&D Group in 2010.
There were also three awards that, due completely to an oversight on my part, weren't issued at IC, but are officially issued this date by the Commandant at the request of COTRACOM:
* BGN Scott “Amigaman” Anderson Sr. is hereby awarded the SFMC Service Commendation.
* MGN Gary “Tiny” Hollifield Jr. is hereby awarded the SFMC Service Commendation.
* COL William “Junior” Hof is hereby awarded the SFMC Achievement Award.
My sincerest apologies to these three fine marines for my oversight. Guys, you rock.
Also at IC, we presented a number of objectives for TRACOM over the next year. The entire objectives presentation will be released separately on the SFMC website very soon. A condensed list of the TRACOM Objectives is listed below:
1. TRACOM Headquarters
A. Develop new policies and procedures where required with regard to posts new since last edition of the Policies and Procedure Manual was published.
B. Modify Policies and Procedures Manual in ares where it is either unclear, or no longer reflects the policies of the command.
C. Take steps to reduce the TRACOM Staff turnover rate in some of the more arduous posts.
2. Administration
A. STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy (SFMCA) will be...
1. continuing to improve the quality of the examinations provided to students.
2. working towards further improvement in turn around times on both segments of the student transaction.
3. continuing to improve security and reliability of materials by expanding the use of off site storage in use.
4. working, through COTRACOM, with INFOCOM to try and develop Online Testing Facilities for some of our more popular courses.
5. working with the Resource Group and R&D toward further improvement of both the resource works themselves as well as the ongoing publication schedule.
B. Award Decoration and Certification Group (ADC) will be...
1. working toward continued improvement of the efficiency of the certificate creation and distribution process.
2. working toward improvement of the quality of the certificate themselves.
3. working to reduce the number of complaints as well as improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of complaint resolution.
3. Doctrine
A. Research and Development Group (R&D) will be...
1. working with the SFMCA Branch Directors to develop such equipment as they might need for inclusion in the discussion of their Branch's operations.
2. assisting the SFMCA Branch Directors, in conjunction with the Resource Group in continuing improvement of SFMCA training manuals.
B. Resource Group will be...
1. working toward removing conflicts between manuals that have crept in over the years.
2. compiling lists of typographical errors in the manuals so that they might be corrected in the next editions.
3. Coordinating the efforts of the Branch Directors in the updating of the SFMCA Manuals on a set publication schedule.
Other Business:
In the month of July, SFMCA posted 179 grades for 64 individual students, which has been a big month for us in 2011.
In the first 13 days of August, SFMCA posted 87 grades for 39 individual students. August looks as if its going to be a pretty good month for us as well.
During this time period, 01JUL through 13AUG there has been one student, and I won't embarrass this person here, who has completed 40 courses in 11 different schools with an average grade of Honors. All I can say is “WOW”.
ADC reports that it is caught up to 31JUL and is pushing into August demand as I write.
IC/IM and the run up towards it has really consumed the attention of this Corps command as well as, I strongly suspect, the others. Now that its over I do have one comment to make to close this report. Having never before served on the General Staff, I never realized just how many truly gifted and talented members the SFMC has. You folks really made it difficult to select the Honor awards. I imagine that the choice of Valor award selectees was similarly difficult for the Brigade OICs. You marines should do your best to keep making the job of selecting annual award winners increasingly difficult. Keep doing what you are doing. While you're at it, give yourselves and each other a round of applause.
You deserve it.