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State of Fincom, September 2011

Well, the leaves are beginning to turn brown, but FINCOM is still seeing green!! (A little humor). Thank you again all those that continue to support the SFMC with your purchases of ribbons, collar brass, patches, and anything else to make the Starfleet Marine look sharp! While our Quartermaster, Linda Olson, continues to make progress fulfilling your QM orders, I thought I would take this opportunity to let you all know that we are in the process of re-supplying the Quartermaster, so please be patient with us as that process is completed.

Speaking of QM orders, we are currently reviewing how we process the orders made through the QM and how we can notify our customers on the status of their orders. To that end, I would like to address the issue of ordering timing. When one sends in a QM order, Linda and I would both ask that if it is an urgent need, please let Linda know when you send in your order (i.e. sending her an e-mail) to let her know that it is an urgent order so to ensure that you receive your orders promptly. If you would like Linda to e-mail you about the status of your order, please let her know. When you place your orders, Linda may not immediately be aware of the urgency of your order. She has an excellent track record of processing and mailing orders quickly, but real-life always seems to have a bad habit of taking precedence over our volunteer "jobs" that we have in the Fleet and Corps. Moral of the story, if it's urgent, please let us know!

Here is where we stand with our finances—

Checking Account:

Beginning Balance 8/29/2011-- $4,236.01


8/30/2011 – Transfer from PayPal - $74.67


9/8/2011 – USPS- $16.08
9/19/2011 – USPS- $10.73

Net Change to account - $47.86

Balance 9/25/2011-- $4,283.87

Scholarship Account:

Beginning Balance 8/29/2011-- $2,724.84


8/31/2011 – Interest Earned- $0.20



Net Change to Account - $0.20

Ending Balance 9/25/2011-- $2,725.04

Respectfully submitted, 

MGN Patrick McAndrew, Commanding Officer, Finance Command