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State of Forcecom, September 2011

Kia ora from the office of Forces Command,

This month and part of next month there is a major sporting event that is happening in Region 11 and by chance is happening in the city that the Commandant lives just outside of and works in.

What is that event you ask, well it is the Rugby World Cup, and it is help every 4 years and this year it is being help in New Zealand. So if you are having problems getting thru to my office it is probably because I have the video display too loud and have put the do not disturb on the phone as the rugby is probably on or I am catching up on some zzz's because the games are on real early in the morning on the East Coast of the US, Go All Blacks, (in case you are wondering the All Blacks is the New Zealand Rugby Team www.allblacks.com) Sorry that there was not a State of Forces Command last month as the real life got in the way, after travelling back from the International Conference on the Monday afterwards School started the next day and it was a crazy time.

I would like at this moment to thank John Wagner and John Swann for their service in the US Military and recognize them with their Legion of Arms, Congrats Marines.

For those Marines that like stats I thought throw some out there At the date that I wrote my report we have 519 Active Marines, 506 Reserve Marines and 144 units.


I would like to congratulate the 503rd MSG for being the Biggest Unit in the Corps There are 3 Units in the corps with 20 or more marines in their units They are the 173rd, 503rd, 898th
Congratulations to those fine units carry on the great work.



Here is the list of the Top Units per Brigade
1st 173rd 20 Marines
2nd 631st & 677th 13
3rd 312th 17
4th 1st and 75th 15
5th 503rd 28
6th 832nd 7
7th 787th 12
8th 360th 3
10th 424th 6
11th 377th 15
12th 225th 18
13th 455th 6
15th 980th 16
17th 898th 27
20th 380th 6


I would like to remind Marines that awards like the good conduct that have a time limit, just because you have passed the 3 year limit it will not appear in the database unless you or your brigade oic sends in a recommendation for that award, I do not back date awards, so it is your responsibility to check when your award is due to be issued.

Forcecom ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) along with your ideas for the position.

I would like to encourage all the Marines to participate in the SFMC Reading challenge as well

Lastly I would like to wish my wife a happy 13th wedding anniversary for the 26th of Sept, Happy Anniversary Dear.

Until next time.



John Kwi Kane

Master Gunnery Sergeant, SFMC

Commanding Officer, Forces Command

STARFLEET Marine Corps

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it